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 Paradise In Hell's Plot

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PostSubject: Paradise In Hell's Plot   Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:59 pm

It was just too much...

The war had started and there was nothing anybody could do. Europe was tired of taking shit from everyone. They were tired of North America and Japan being at the top while they got nothing. Forming an alliance with Africa and South America the two pooled their resources and found they had enough money to build a nuclear bomb. Or several. Unfortunately, North America and Japan catch wind of their plans and an arm race quickly ensues.

Then, the initial threat. Europe demanded that Asia and North America disband, and divide their land and money into Europe, Africa, and South America. When they got a "no" in response, a nuclear missile was launched, straight for Canada. The missile struck the center, causing a massive blast that completely destroyed the land and much of America. In retaliation, two were fired at Europe from Japan and America at the same time. This started an all out World War. There was no winner.

10 years later, the world is still pulsing from radioactive activity. There are some survivors, however. The lucky ones were the animal lovers. They were the ones that had been holding their pets tightly when the radioactivity took a hold. If one was in contact with an animal during the explosions, their DNA and the animals DNA would have combined. Their molecules would have fused together to form one being with two personalities. This being, a hybrid of sorts, is able to survive in the radioactive wastelands without being affected by it.

Unfortunately, most people are aggressive now. Everyone they knew is dead. Everything they loved is gone. Flaming towers light up the night sky on every horizon. There is nothing anyone can do to bring it back. What's the hope of repopulating a world filled with radioactivity? Unless... unless the children will be Hybrids and immune to. That is the planets only option.

How will you survive?

Recently, it has been discovered that Australia was completely unaffected by the war and radioactivity. It has become a safe haven, where true humans and animals still roam. They have food. They have people. They have life. Australia is a Paradise in Hell.

From Australia was born a person in an unknown year whom would grow to become leader of an organization that would bring this entire story about. This person has practically nothing known about them, besides that they created The Watchers. "The Watchers" have been tracking the movement of every other hybrid they can find in the world, be they sea, land, or sky creatures. Occasionally, they will get either picked off (assassinated) or abducted. The abducted will be trained as one of them.

When they reach enough members, they will begin their final act. The final act consists of taking the able-bodied humans of Australia and warping them. They will enhance their bodies using special drugs and manipulatants to create an army of super soldiers. These supersoldiers are incredibly strong, but will only last a few years at best. There is no way to reverse the process. These are your zombies. Kill or be killed.

The purpose of these super soldiers is to round up every hyrbid in the world. Once that is done, they will splice all of their DNA together to forma Chimarae. The Chimarae is a being with enough power and energy to combust the entire planet. The resulting explosion will allow for The Watchers, whom will have the ability to survive without oxygen, in the intense cold, and with the intense pressure thanks to special DNA reconstructions, will find a new planet to inhabit. The old one (Earth) will be destroyed and all of it's inhabitants will fall.

Your job is to decide whose side you're on. Are you on The Watchers side, or are you on the side of The Resistence? If you stop the Watchers, you will live another day in this god forsaken world with your loved ones. If you join The Watchers, you will live another day on a new, lush planet alone.

Who will you survive with?

The Radioactivity is becoming worse in certain beings. The 'disease' is spreading past their molecular level, warping their control over it. These beings are known as 'Shamans' and have the gift of Pyrokinesis, Cyrokinesis, and Thunderbeetle. They can teach you, if they deem you worthy. The Watchers are particularly interested in converting them to their side to help them in their goal.

Fortunately, these Shamans aren't interested. In fact, they've teamed together with a Hyrbid named Ja-Kal and formed the Rebellion. Based in Egypt, anyone who wishes to join The Rebellion needs to traverse the Glass Powder Desert and enter the great tomb of Ja-Kal, formerly King Tut's pyramid. He will feed you, clothe you, and keep you safe.

As long as you fight for him. The Rebellion is an anarchistic group, deeming to blow up The Watchers rather then let them have their way. With Ja-Kal's tutelage, as well as training from The Firefly, The Frosthmoth, and The Thunderbeetle, his three top generals, you could very well help to save this world.

..... Or at the very least,


Human-Animal Hybrid


Age: 45



Background: Watcher grew up as a hateful, spiteful genius. At a very young age, his parents were killed. He grew up an orphan, living in an orphanage, and hated the world due to this. Everything he had had been taken away in an instant by the cruelty of this world. So much corruption in this world, so much hatred and anger. It would be nice if everything would go away, if everyone alive today, filled with corruption and hatred, would be destroyed, so that they could start over. A new beginning, without hatred or cruelty. But to do that, first everyone alive today would have to be eliminated from the picture.

Watcher began his plotting. He finished school top of his class, and moved on to higher studies on a full scholarship. After years of University, top of his class in every class he attended, he started working for the government. Everything was going according to plan. His status within the government rose quickly. But he was never a public figure. Watcher preferred staying invisible, nobody heard his name, and that was the way he liked it.

Fight fire with fire. That was his favorite saying. Replace a couple words, and you got fight corruption with corruption. After getting some very secret information about the leader of his country, Watcher moved on to the next phase in his plan. Using this leader like a puppet, Watcher began making certain decisions about how to run the country. Watcher's negotiation skills were incredible. After many years, he was able to put into motion the last phases of his plan.

Gathering the leaders of Europe together, he convinced all of them to work with him, though he told them a different plan, and different expected results. Pooling Europe's money with Japan, they were able to make a bomb. Or several. Then came an interesting step in Watchers plan. With a couple of well placed anonymous phone calls, certain persons were informed of the bombs that Europe was making, and what they would do with these bombs. America and Japan became aware of Europe's plans, creating an arms race. Everything was going perfectly according to Watchers plan.

Pulling the chords of his European puppets, Europe demanded that America and Asia disband, and that their land, money, and resources be divided into Europe, Africa, and South America. Watcher knew that this demand would be refused, and was pleased when it was. The word was given to fire upon Canada. A nuclear missile was launched, and it struck the middle of Canada. In retaliation, two missiles were fired back upon Europe. Watchers plan of destroying every living human was working splendidly. And nobody was ever the wiser.

The bombs struck, everything was destroyed.

Watcher woke up on the floor of his lab. Nothing seemed to be broken inside the lab, and he felt fine. He went to the window to see what had happened. To his bemusement, everything was destroyed. There were fires going everywhere. The air was filled with smoke. This required further investigation. Watcher left his lab to explore the streets. He discovered several bodies. Had his plan worked? It seemed it had, everyone had been destroyed. But then why was he still alive? If he had been lucky enough to survive, then it obviously meant that others had survived. Watcher wasn't done yet, those who had survived the initial blast had to be eliminated.

Over the following ten years, Watcher gathered stuff in his lab, experimented with it. Every now and then, he would find a survivor of the blast. These hybrid creatures, they were a work of art. But they would have to be destroyed. He experimented with his hostages. Some became very strong, while others died a horrible torturous death. If he tested something on several creatures and it was successful, he did the process on himself. Those who survived his horrible experiments he made join him. He made a group. The Watchers.

Watchers goal with this group was simple: Gather every hybrid creature, whom had survived the bombs. After he did that, the fun would start. This planet had been wasted, nothing decent could live here. If life were to start over, it would need a new planet. Watcher began experiments to fuse the energy of the creatures. He would create a Chimera, and this Chimera would consist of all the energy from every hybrid. With this Chimera, Watcher would destroy this planet, and move on to another planet. There, the new life could begin. It would be a better life. A happier life. And nobody could stop it from happening.

Animalistic Traits: Unknown

Original Animal: Unknown

Starter Weapon: Dual swords. They are light and razor sharp, and Watcher has mastered the art of swordsmanship. In addition to these, he also has a dagger in a leg holster.

Roleplay Sample:[/wow]
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Paradise In Hell's Plot
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