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 Takuri Amaranth (WIP)

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PostSubject: Takuri Amaranth (WIP)   Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:37 am

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Takuri Amaranth (she introduces herself as Amaranth Takuri)

Age: 25

Takuri stands at nearly 6'0", making her a considerably tall woman - this is without counting her ears, with them, she is exactly 6'1". Her eye color is a light brown, that shines yellow if direct light hits them - she can see in the dark with them just like an actual wolf. She has considerably strong animalistic traits, having ears, a wolf tail, fur parts over a large portion of her arms and over nearly the entire legs and feet, in addition to claws on hands and feet.
Also, Takuri has some tattoos spread over her body - one around her navel, on each shoulder and finally two stripe-like red tattoos on her face.
As clothing, Takuri wears nearly nothing but a few scrapes of clothing around her nicely sized breasts, a strange skirt-like piece of ravaged-looking clothes around her lower body, dark brown leg guards and never any boots or shoes. In cold climates, she may wear a cloak above her body, but still won't wear any footgear. She also has brown arm-guards around her lower arms and wrist. Last but not least, Takuri always wears a dog collar, though it is hard to actually find out why.

Personality: Desciribing a person is never easy, but Takuri takes it to a whole new level. During her time as a human, she seemed like a nice girl at first glance - but this was but the mask of quite the rebelous girl. Since she had nearly no borders holding her as a young girl, she became quite the punk, even getting herself tattoos at only the age of 13 on many parts of her body. She still was quite the loner, liking to spend time alone and in the forest right next to her house more than with friends.

Now, as a Hybrid, Takuri is quite a wild personality. She doesn't like staying in one place for too long, and hanging around other mutants she can't trust often end in her brutally murdering said mutants. Her attitude towards life is simple - the world has ended, and nothing will change that. One day, the last mutant will die, and this day will come sooner rather than later. But if she can help it, she will be that last mutant to die in the radiated streets of the old megacities. Her will to survive is great, but mainly in order to see others struggle for survival - before ending their lifes and making herself a nice tasty mutant meal.


Animalistic Traits: Nightsight (can see with nearly no light at all), augmented hearing, augmented sense of smell and touch, fur on various parts of the body (see appearance), fast regrowing claws on hands and feet (long enough to be used as dangerous weapons), 'pack sense' (if something happens to a hybrid she sees as part of her pack, she knows that through instinct)

Original Animal: Grey Wolf

Starter weapon: None

Roleplay Sample:
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Takuri Amaranth (WIP)
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