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 Moriko . [finished]

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PostSubject: Moriko . [finished]   Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:02 am

Animal-Human Hybrid
Name: Moriko [child of the forest]
Age: 18

Appearance: Moriko is an average 5 feet tall with blood red hair that always covers her eyes. She has pale skin that glows a yellowish tint in certain lighting. Her hair hangs down to her thighs, and her eye color is unknown; as no one has seen them.

For clothing, Moriko wears a white strapless top that is so torn apart she used other white material to wrap around it to keep it on. For pants she wears blue-denim skinny jeans that she tore off just above her knees to make shorts. On her left wrist she has an inch deep scar that runs up to the inside of her elbow. Her feet are shoeless for she has long 4 inch black talons that would tear apart any footwear she would equip.

Personality: Moriko is a generally quiet girl; she will speak when spoken to and never be quite specific on what she always means. She never shows her eyes to anyone, no one; not even she knows the answer. The only one she could possibly think of was she was ashamed of them. Not that that could be possible, she never looks at them anyway. Moriko always faces internal struggles and often sits down to think or fly to clear her mind of bad thoughts. On her back she has blood red wings (parrot) with a hint of brown (eagle) with a wingspan of 4 feet. Just above her tail bone, she has a fiery red tail with white on the tip.

Growing up in a world so cold had a powerful affect on Moriko; both the good…and the bad. Losing a lot of her social skills and ability to care for things or people; she lived in her own little bubble, trapped inside her inner thoughts like a prisoner. Moriko spent many a day waiting for something to happen to change her life like the war did, whether she waited for another war with hybrids or Shaman powers; she did not know, but each and every day… she waited.

Background: It is said that parrots can live up to 75 years; Moriko learned this at age 8; just before the war. She always wondered how long her brothers and sisters would live before they died, or even her own parents. Every mother bird knows however, not too long after hatching, they must leave the nest. Moriko never really knew her siblings or even her parents all that well; she was a stranger to her own family. Her whole family died before she even got a chance to know them. This is what drove her to not like humans; they brought guns and hunted birds that weren’t even large enough for a decent meal, it was pathetic.

She spent her days flying through trees and made sure not to fly too high in the sky to avoid the hunters. One day on her travels, she met a bald eagle who was crying in a small nest in a tree. This bald eagle was friendly, and very young… she had lost her family to hunters as well; but wasn’t old enough yet to even be on her own. Moriko, being 8 at the time, decided to take her in as one of her own and have a family again. The bird had lost her family so young; she hadn’t even gotten named yet. Feeling incredibly sorry for the poor bird, you could say Moriko ‘took her under her wing’ and called her Kaiko which meant child of forgiveness.

From that glorious day, Moriko spent weeks raising young Kaiko with the best of her abilities. She hunted for her and brought her back food; fed her, gave her warmth when it was cold, Moriko even taught her how to fly. Finally feeling good about herself for being so generous, Moriko was officially pleased with her life… and promised never to let anyone harm Kaiko again.

Late one night, Moriko woke to hear what sounded like a gunshot. She ruffled her feathers angrily as she looked down upon the 4 week old Kaiko. She was pretty big now, but that didn’t stop her from getting hurt… she barely grasped the flying concept still; but she knew enough to get away properly. Feeling a little relived that Kaiko at least had a back-up plan; Moriko looked around for the intruder. She squawked softly wondering if it was all in her mind. Getting up slowly, as not to disturb the sleeping Kaiko, she stretched her wings and cocked her head this way and that; looking around.

She heard distant screams as she saw many hunters running for what appeared to be their lives. What had scared them? Well, that’s what they get for killing so many animals without a proper reason. She hoped whatever was chasing them killed them like the hunters had done to her family. Stepping out of the nest and walking out on the very edge of the tree branch, she watched the hunters run in panic. One hunter, however; went off course and near her tree. It was a female; she was out of breath and leaned her back against Moriko’s tree.

Tilting her head, she clicked her beak as the girl began to attempt catching her breath and looking around. As the girl heard the noise, she looked up at Moriko and her eyes widened. “I mean no harm” she said softly between gasps. Moriko looked down at her; she didn’t have any weapons and looked quite harmless. She squawked softly to the girl to show she wasn’t going to attack as she flew down off of her branch and landed directly in front of the hunter.

“For a bird like you, you are awfully friendly. I know everyone at camp hunts birds like you, I would have thought you would have tried to attack me like all the others.” She said quietly. Looking deep into her eyes she tried to make the girl understand how she felt. “You must be the bird that survived the attack from the idiots in my camp. I heard they went crazy on a family full of parrots that had children still growing up; and one got away. I am not one hundred percent certain if it was you, it was a long time ago… but then again you never know.” She finished with a smile. Moriko rather liked this girl, she wasn’t like the other hunters… there was something much different about her.

“Listen, I know you won’t understand me… but the world is going to end soon; a bomb will be dropped soon and kill us all” she said with worried eyes. What was a bomb, they were all going to… die!? Panicking, she flew up to her nest and awoke Kaiko. Chirping softly, she poked her head over the nest to see who was making the gasping sounds. Her eyes widened as she looked at a human. Hunters! Kaiko began squawking and flailing her wings in panic. Placing her wing over Kaiko’s back, Moriko nuzzled her to let her know it was fine. Kaiko flew down to the girl and cocked her head to get a better look at her. Both human and bird gazed at one another in awe as they both realized how unreal it all was.

“Wow, a bald eagle!” she girl said in amazement. “These are so rarely seen, I heard that a few were shot around here and they just left the nest abandoned. You must have taken this poor thing under your wing after you were orphaned” she said in awe at Moriko. “You animals are amazing, I really wish my father hadn’t made me come here to hunt with him, I could never kill beautiful creatures. I want to make peace with animals like you before I die. You have to promise me that if you make it out of this place alive; you will have more trust in humans… not all of us are like those killing machines” she said with tears in her eyes.

Both Kaiko and Moriko felt sorry for the girl and nodded their heads to make her understand they would keep her promise. “Thank you” she said softly before she closed her eyes and placed her hands lightly on both of their heads and rubbed their feathers gently. Kaiko and Moriko got closer as a sonic boom could be heard what seemed to be worldwide. Looking around in panic, the world went black. When Moriko woke up, everything around her was ash and the trees were all dead. She squawked loudly. Where was Kaiko and the girl? What had happened, had the ‘bomb’ fallen?

Looking around her new world in a panic she cried out for Kaiko and stood up. Her body was strangely heavily. What the…she looked down and saw she had a more human appearance than before. The girl and her had… connected somehow. What about Kaiko!? Looking over her new body, she noticed the tip of her tail was white… just like Kaiko’s. Hot tears stung at her eyes as she realized both the girl… and her beloved Kaiko were dead and now a part of her. Hating humans for what they had done, she remembered the promised she had made with the girl, and made a pact to herself that she would never hurt another human again, though it would be hard with all that they did to poor Moriko. She set all of her hatred aside and promised herself she would at least try and tolerate humans, no matter how bad they were.

Humanic Traits: Human intelligence, Smell, Speech, Talons, Night vision, Tail, Wings, Enhanced sight.

Original Humans Name: Unknown.

Starter Weapon: A sharp tiara; if folded a certain way, it makes a small dagger.

Killed by Fang and Dar-zee.
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PostSubject: Re: Moriko . [finished]   Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:17 pm

There's no rp sample
Approved anyways~
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PostSubject: Re: Moriko . [finished]   Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:51 pm

I don't need one, I put like over 9000 before... plus I am top poster, I am sure I don't need one XD ty anyway
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PostSubject: Re: Moriko . [finished]   

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Moriko . [finished]
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