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 Randal Raptor

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PostSubject: Randal Raptor   Mon Oct 11, 2010 8:12 pm

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Raptor, Randal

Age: 21


Randal was always a kind and caring for a man and is really quite sharp. Randal is not the type to fly off the handle at one small thing, but when he is hungry… look out! Often enough, he can control his hunger so he does not attack on sight; usually he is a calm person. However, (be warned!) it would be best to not piss him off because he will attack, and blood will be shed.
To his advantage, he doesn’t get over-excited in large crowds, so don’t be scared… no mass murder (yet). Randal is a generally friendly being and always looks out for friends. In general, he is really nothing to be scared over…when in a good mood…

Background: Randal loved going to the museum. His family was filled with great archaeologists. They were known for digging up most of the fossils in Randal's local museum. Randal did not have any good friends, he spent many a day alone; and he didn’t mind that too much, more time for himself. He was usually caught up in city gangs and got in trouble with the law. The museum was the only place he could find peace in his life and just get away from it all.

When Randal became a teenager he got more involved with the gangs. He got so caught up in the gangs; he ended up moved out of his home when he was 16 to live with a fellow gang member. Randal stole money and killed opposing gang members; he even broke himself out of jail. Mainly because Randal was the gang's best thief, they would pay his fines in order to keep him out of jail.
When Randal was 17, he was assigned a very important mission. There was a new fossil recently dug up and was worth a lot of money. They called it the Micro Raptor.

The Gang wanted Randal to steal it so the gang could sell it for large amounts of money for their own greedy purposes. Turns out, this fossil was safely secured in the Local Museum Randal use to visit when he was younger. Randal thought it would be easy stealing because this fossil was from the museum he grew up with; he knew the place by heart. The fossil, however, was duck up by his parents. If he stole this fossil his Gang would be filthy rich and wouldn't have to live so harshly. On the other hand, if he left the fossil with his parents; they would live the good life and he could return to his family. But then again, the Gang would be tailing him to make sure he didn’t screw up and possibly kill his family… and him.

It took Randal a few days to think over his plan, and if he was willing to risk everything; no matter which road he chose. Randal decided he needed to steal the fossil for his family's safety. It took him only a few minutes to locate the fossil inside of a heavy glass case surrounded by cameras and possibly an alarm system. Attacking the cameras first, he shut off the cameras with ease. He learned how to do this with only an I-pod touch. There was an app the Gang had inserted into the I-pod or any other portable device that would shut off any electronic of his desire. The privilege of having this was only for a chosen few people so it wouldn't be given away. Shattering the glass with no alarm sounding off, he was happy to see that he had succeeded with his first mission. He then reached into what was left of the glass to grab the fossil, but before he could he felt the earth shake below his feet, and a sonic boom sounded not too far away.

The museum was completely blown into bits. All the fossils were blown away and hidden in shrapnel, and poor Randal was the only the thing that stood inside of the remains of the museum. However, Randal was no longer a man; he had changed substantially. He now had feathers in many places, and his whole body was covered in scales. He now had a tail that rested on the ground behind him. Baffled and amazed, Randal didn't know exactly what happened to him and he didn't know exactly how it happened. All he remembers now, is reaching for the fossil.

Animalistic Traits: Randal's bones have become rubbery much like a lizard's, giving him fantastic flexibility. Because Randal is only half of the Micro Raptor, Randal only shares some features as a micro raptor would have. Randal's senses are normally the same as a human's but he has the ability to less the strength of one sense to make another sense the strength of a raptor's. The sacrifice of this is losing strength in one sense for a short time.
Randal also has scales all over his body giving him great protection. This could be useful in battle. Randal can also dislocate his jaw so he can swallow lots of food or a giant chunk of food. Dislocating his jaw is useful, but so are his fangs. Randal has very sharp fangs inside all over inside of his mouth.
On parts of his body, Randal has feathers. They can be found on his elbows, head, back of his feet and at the end of his long tail. Randal also has very sharp claws on his feet and hands that supply great protection.

Original Animal: MicroRaptor

Starter weapon:
small Dagger

Roleplay Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Randal Raptor   Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:14 pm

Change dagger to small dagger, and you are golden. Approved~
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Randal Raptor
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