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 Ryokoshky Takeda.

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PostSubject: Ryokoshky Takeda.   Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:36 am

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Ryokoshky Takeda

Age: 17 years old


Personality: Ryokoshky acts pretty calm even though he is living the life of an apocolypse. He can keep his concentration cause of this and fights better then most. It's what most would call meditation while he would call it a calm demeanor. He also knows what it is like to be alone so being in the apocolypse does not phase him on the emotional level of being.

The world though does cut down on his moral alot, low rations are a big factor. But watching the migrations of birds, especially crows, he has been able to find food, be it over the ocean or be it in a near by destroyed town. He also has an anger that he does not show to others but will unleash upon some. He is known as a bad person to some but to himself he is known as a neutral person.

Background: When the first nuke had been dropped onto the nations Ryokoshky had been growing up near the boarder to Mexico, he lived in Arizona, the area in Arizona should not truly matter, since the radiation had reached him, at his age he was only 6, and had always loved birds, especially crows. That when he saw the outer ring of what was left of the fire ball disintegrative, but the blast, or gust of air was still spreading as he was sudden taken down with a couple crows to the ground by a quick heat and he thought he had died there on the ground. It turned out that he had actually only passed out.

When he awoke his finger nails had started to turn a blueish purple same with his toe nails, his back felt drafty and he had wings sprouted from his back. He just wondered what had happened and where the hell that blast had come from. His eyesight seemed different and as far as it seemed, it looked like there was an outline far far far away, yet not exactly there. He just continued to walk in the general direction of Canada.

As he lived through his next few years he wondered off his path thinking he was the only one left in the world now due to the never having seen any one that looked remotely like him. All he found was charred bones and the small remains of buildings. He did notice though that small fires still burned, so he knew he had hope left somewhere, there was wood or some other substance he could burn.

In His later years he started to enter areas like Washington D.C. and knew he had walked off path and needed to continue walking. If he didn't then he would never truly learn what had happened, he did notice though that there were people around he had watched them from afar, animals had even lived. He was extremely surprised, and was even more surprised that he was able to pass off what little food he could find left to live.

No later then he arrived to Canada did he want to leave the place. All he could find was a crater and thats what he felt in his heart. A nice big hole, he felt as if he had just been dislodged from the world. Thats when he wished he had first died instead of living. Yet at the same time he wished that non of this had ever happened. It would have saved him alot of trouble traveling there. Now he had to learn TRULY what it meant to survive in the wilderness. The last thing he was able to do before turning from Canada was bend down on to his knee's and start laughing. As he left, he left with a smile, knowing that he would now learn what life truly was.

Animalistic Traits: He has wings and his finger nails have grown thicker and harder, being able to cut metal, he has not grown talons but his toe nails have gotten sharper also. He has not grown a beak but he has grown a extremely good eye sight. He does not molt like normal birds, but he does have to keep his wings dry to lift off the ground and fly. He does migrate from time to time to keep his self feeling like he has a home.

Original Animal: Crow, bird, Avion Creature.

Starter weapon: Dagger

Roleplay Sample: From my website i made dont ask

She bought the game along with his friends. They intended on going farther then what was limited in the manual. They were going to hack the game, make it funner in there aspect. They wanted to rewrite "The world", they had already failed at containing one monster, but hacked there abilities, so that they could contain the monsters better. The escpaed monster was a parasite dragon. She scolded the person responsible and told him that he was to erase all traces before the Azure knights ever had a chance to catch them. They had a long trail ahead of them, and they needed safety more then ever. They needed another leader, someone that they could use if they ever needed to run. They found someone else, other then just Briza, they found there new boss.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryokoshky Takeda.   Fri Aug 13, 2010 1:57 am

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Ryokoshky Takeda.
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