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 Rosalind Haruka

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PostSubject: Rosalind Haruka   Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:49 pm

Animal-Human Hybrid
Rosalind [Beautiful] Haruka [Distant]
Age: 17

Appearance: Rosalind stands a good 5’2 and has small, round black ears that are semi hidden by her hair. She has grey-white hair with purple streaks running throughout it, and her bangs hang low; covering her eyes slightly. Her eyes are a crisp golden with dark black circles around them, making her eyes much more noticeable in darker areas; unless she hides them with her hair. On her back, she has a long bushy black tail with a white stripe running down the center. She also has long claws on the ends of her black furry hands that if glanced at quickly, could be mistaken for gloves.

For clothing, Rosalind wears a dark purple strapless shirt with long sleeves that hang just above her fingers; on the right arm of her shirt, is a small rip in the fabric. She has a green plaid skirt that stops inches below her crotch, with leggings that have holes near the knees. On her feet she has black and purple dress shoes with straps around her ankles for support. To make sure her face is hidden even more in addition to her hair, she wears a long blue scarf around her neck to hide her mouth and sometimes nose.

Personality: Having a life filled with adventures, Rosalind is always on the prowl for excitement. She loves to play and will stop at nothing to find a playmate. She is generally quite friendly despite her evil and dramatic appearance. She has always had a problem with her looks, many avoided her… being a skunk, you get that a lot. Even though she can’t cover her tail, she does her best at hiding the most of her body, thought she is very beautiful under all of her wraps… she never felt this way, however.

Even though she is a playful and friendly critter, Rosalind is not always what she seems to be. If threatened she will often stamp her feet on the ground prior to spraying you with her toxic fumes; like all skunks. If you do not heed her warning and continue to follow her after she either sprays you or stomps on the ground, she will attack violently with her claws and haunt your dreams forever. She doesn’t forget a target, and often stops at nothing to kill her prey; never having mercy upon anyone.

Background: Rosalind had always had a happy life filled with all kinds of mysteries and play with her sisters and brothers. Her parents had died when she was a young girl, but was raised by her older siblings. Being the runt and the youngest sibling was always tough and no one took her seriously most of the time. It didn’t really matter; she just romped around and did as she pleased most of the time without any trouble, much to her surprise; her siblings didn’t try to control her as they knew she was mature enough to be on her own.

Often, Rosalind could be seen in meadows, playing or hunting. Her day-to-day life consisted of eating, sleeping, playing, and back again, not always in that order. On occaision, when Rosalind is in her bad moods, she can be seen climbing or digging under ground, to escape the world and try to forget her mood. Not always, however, was this sucessful.

Every now and again, she would come across a human. Seeing her appearance drove off most humans, in fact, it drove off most animals too. There were not many threats in her life, and Rosalind could not complain less. One day, on her hunt, Rosalind found an unusual lizard. Rosalind had never seen one like this before, but she knew its species, it was a chameleon. Wondering from where it came, she just assumed it had been someones pet and had gotten away. Walking forward to the little guy, she mewed happily. He was like her, in a way, most avoided him (at least she assumed it was a him). Rosalind decided to name him Jason.

Jason and Rosalind, oddly enough, got a long very well. Together, they made an alliance. Neither would eat or attack each other, and would provide each other with food. Even further, they helped each other through tough times, such as sickness or sadness, they were there for each other. When Rosalind returned to her home after each day when she parted from Jason to let him sleep, she was often critizied and alienated by her fellow woodland creature friends. They did not take kindly to her socializing with such a strange creature. Holding her head high, she ignored them. Jason was her friend, she treated him like a mate without all of the love nonsense. Rosalind liked Jason.

Jason and Rosalind from that moment were disowned from the forest around them. Not a single animal acknowledged them or would have anything to do with the pair. This did not phase them, in fact, this amused them, they did not mind the peace and quite. Abandoning her home for Jason, Rosalind made a burrow big enough for them both. Finally, she was happy. She had no screaming brothers or sisters, her own space (not that she was not free before) and life for her could not get better. Or so it seemed...

Humanic Traits: Human intelligence, Smell, Speech, Claws, Night vision, Tail, Enhanced sight, Chameleon tongue, Chameleon abilities

Original Humans Name: Unknown.

Starter Weapon: Small dagger hidden in the stitches of her skirt.

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PostSubject: Re: Rosalind Haruka   Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:37 pm


I am nothing but a delicate flower.*
If these outstretched hands
Are also a
Then there's no need for your kind words.
The decorated hollow space
Like this body,
It doesn't matter if it's broken and shattered.
Keep dancing for eternity.~



Nezumi Puchikuro
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Rosalind Haruka
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