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 Mattaki Yamino

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PostSubject: Mattaki Yamino   Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:59 pm

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name:mattaki yamino (nickname:Matt)
mattaki yamino = perfect dark



Personality: Matt is a very happy kid he never judges anyone. Sadly thats a bad knowing everyone would want to eat someone as helpless as him. Also sadly he will use what he has no matter what even if it wont work. Like draw with blood or try to sling shot a tree (don't ask). A creative happy little kid the perfect victim. This creative little kid doesn't like killing.

He had a horrible life a horrible childhood. But he is still a happy kid he is weird. people call him weird people call him happy he calls himself glad. He smiles when the going gets tough and when the going gets soft. But don't be fooled he still has normal 10 year old feelings he can cry. He may get violent if you touch a very very very very personnel subject or insult a very personnel thing.

Background:Mattaki is his name and sadly his mom hated him. Mattaki was born on the day of the war. His name is mattaki yamino meaning perfect dark. his mom named him that because she believed that he started the war. She was superstitious and religious. So when the fortune teller said that the birth will start a war so yeah. She wanted a abortion but his dad being as awesome as he is said no.

His dad was running away from his wife with the new born.
"Let me kill the little fucker" his mom shouted after the dad. She had a knife and was pissed and bombs were falling it was hell. A explosion came and blew up his mom and him and his dad went flying. His dad lost the grip on the new born and the new born went in a tree. next day a guy a skunk wolf probably picked him up from the tree. It was a baby that mixed with a squirrel.

Five years later the wolf skunk named Kilto or kil as he was called acted like a father to the kid.
"get the ball" He would say throwing a ball in the air. dash dash jump catch land dash dash dash hand back. Matt or called by Kil was as happy as ever. He called Kil his father. He fed him and helped him. It was fun he knew what fun was and how to be nice in a age of cannibalism. Kil was Matt's teacher guardian everything to him. Without Kil Matt wouldn't know how to use his sling shot or be prepared for combat. Life was great.

"remember position and speed is the key." kil said.
"Ok"! Matt shouted as he balanced on one foot and jumped hand on branch swinged over it foot on branch kick off and so on. tree to tree.
"perfect absolutely perfect." Kil said with a grin. he followed Matt.
"remember shoot the rocks with your sling shot" Kil said as he started throwing rocks around. Matt attempted shooting them and he missed one. Matt landed on the ground happy as ever. that was when the tree fell on Kil who was applauding. and that was when the bear ran over and ate Kils head.

Running required speed and stamina and a place to run to. Matt knew this so he ran on a tree and hid in a owl hole it was vacant. He hid and then for five years was a scavenger. He didn't like killing he didn't like being alone. he feasted off of leftovers with a lucky squirrel stomach he only needed a little. He usually hid and waited. In a world with wolfs and other animals he was found he would run may be injured and what not. He rarely killed anyone. He was probely the only fuzzy furball of kindness in the world.

Animalistic Traits:Fast,enhanced senses,Huge furry tail, squirrel ears, very sharp teeth, and can climb trees easily, and eats as much as a squirrel and can fit a lot in his mouth..

Original Animal:squirrel

Starter weapon: Sling shot
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PostSubject: Re: Mattaki Yamino   Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:32 pm

Sling shot costs 40 to start off with.

Other then that, approved.
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Mattaki Yamino
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