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PostSubject: Zeus   Mon Oct 25, 2010 8:27 pm

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Zeus


Appearance: 5 feet tall, 115 pounds, old torn red shirt with blood stains on it,long greasy black hair, gold teeth, elf ears, scar on eye, big bulky chest with really long hairy wolf arms and legs,gold stud piercing, gold eye color,a tattoo on the chest with a big thunder bolt being put in to Poseidon's chest, light blue skinny jeans on, tanned skin, cuts all over body

Personality:"act Com In all Situations To Find The Best In Life" Thats his Motto For Life.
Zeus Is A Pretty Outgoing person,He Will never Turn Down A Fight Nor Request A Fight Either.
he may Dress Poorly But That Is The Complete Opposite of His Skill. He has A Very Unpredictable Personality Because Sometimes His personality is out Going And Sometimes It Is Dreadful.

zeus loves To Fight, because well...... thats just the way his personality is, he loves to fight but if he loses his body gets all fired up but somehow he still manages to stay com, i dont know how he does but he does it. its like he is a machine that has a com personality until he loses then he turns in to hell in human form.

Background: ever Since Birth He Was Attracted To Wolfs because He Was Born In The Woods With lots Of Wolfs, he Kept Asking His Parents To catch And Tame A Wolf For Him, So At Age 5 His Parents tamed A Wolf And let Him Name It And Keep It Has A Pet.

He Named The Wolf Urufu Because He Thought It Sounded Cool(All Though He Didnt Know That Urufu meant Wolf). Every day Zeus Would Play With The Wolf, Feed It And Care For it, Until one Day The Wolf Ran Away, Zeus Was So Made Mad That Urufu had Run Away(But Zeus Tried To stay Com) So Zeus Decided To try To find Him But He Ended Getting Lost In The Woods.

Zeus Did Find urufu After Endless Years Of Search, Just Barely Surviving On Wild Berries And Rain Drops, When He Found Urufu He Was So happy That He Hugged Him Really Tightly For 8 Hours Straight, Zeus And Urufu Ended Sleeping In The Woods That Night But In The Morning Something Weird Had Happened......

Zeus Woke Up Feeling Very Warm And When He Went To Scratch his Chest he Noticed That It Was hairy...Very Hairy, He looked At his Arms And Legs They Were Hairy Too, Then He Noticed That Urufu Wasnt There And The Woods That he had Slept In Were Gone.....

He Began To Think He Was In A Barren waste Land buy He Could Not figure out Where Urufu Was, 5 Hours Later Of Endless Thinking He heard people Yelling His name, It Kept Getting Louder And Louder then He Saw His parents They Told About The War And How It Caused The Fusion, Then His Parents left Him And Said He Had To survive Own His own, Seeing As He Was 19 now.

Animalistic Traits: just The Fur On his Chest, Arms And Legs.

Original Animal:Wolf Named Urufu

Starter weapon: Small Dagger(the Blade Is A lightning Bolt)

Roleplay Sample: He Was At The Beach In Miami When There Was A Noise And He
yelled who Is That And The Response was "You Worst Nightmare" He Got Up In A Hurry Grabbing His Dagger From The Table, When The Door busted Open And He Seen A One Eyed One Horned Flying Green cyclops then He Said lets Fight..... In Just 5 Seconds later He Felt 3 Huge Claws Digging Into my Back, Then He Struck The Cyclopes In The Face With His Dagger, He Made A loud Screech And Then He Quickly Got Up And Said Nice One But Not Good Enough To Defeat Me,

He Opened his Mouth And He Seen A Gigantic ball of Acid Forming Then He Spit it At Me, And I kicked it back At Him And His Face Started To De-solve. Then he Totally Faded Away And he Realized That He Had Defeated Him, what An Easy battle.

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PostSubject: Re: Zeus   Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:43 pm

Make your personality about a paragraph longer & your golden. Approved.




~"I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?" -L~
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PostSubject: Re: Zeus   Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:08 pm

Character is dead.
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PostSubject: Re: Zeus   

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