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 Fallen Down the Rabbit Hole, It Seems.

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PostSubject: Fallen Down the Rabbit Hole, It Seems.   Sun Oct 31, 2010 6:46 pm

Kiki Inaba

"Oh, but you can't help that. We're all mad here.."

'Click clack click clack' Sounds of heels clicked against stone. Cautious red eyes looked around as she sighed. Here she was alone again. Urufu had gone somewhere and she requested to stay behind. Although it was Halloween, she loved this day when she was a child. Her beautiful red eyes closed as she smiled, recalling memories of dressing up, but they were long gone. There was no such thing as Halloween now, its as dead as the Latin language here now. Her ear fell down gloomly as she realized. "Where have we gone wrong?" she asked herself. Although, it was cold here, she was shivering. It was rather cold. Of course the cold would not die out, but couldn't it be a little bit warmer with all the radioactive?

She whined softly as she slide down to sit on the ground. She was bored, extremely bored, but what could she do? There's nothing to do to occupy her. Kiki hoped for something to come by and drop her a visit. 'Anything will do,' she thought.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallen Down the Rabbit Hole, It Seems.   Sun Oct 31, 2010 6:56 pm

Saya Takagi

If i was a fucking butterfly!

"what the hell am I doing in this country anyway? I originate from Japan!"
Standing above a small cliff edge was Saya, The pink haired bug girl. Ever since fusing with a wasp, she became more and more of a fidgety person. Her back sprouted two blue wings that looked similar to that of the common dragonfly but prettier. She looked around trying to figure out why here journey took her to America, to then spot a strange girl sitting on her own just below her. "Who is that? She looks harmless from here but you can never be too careful" Saya never really talked to herself much, but does it uncontrollably from the isolation it is to live in this world.

She fluttered down making a rather moderate sound of flapping wings. It gave the tone of a sort of hum as they moved faster than sight. She set herself down next to the strange girl and noticed her rabbit features. She was similar to her? Weird. "Er... hello rabbit girl person? What are you doing out here?" All the while saying this, Saya pushed down her skirt and dirty uniform from the air that moved it about in flight making it uncomfortable to stand.
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Fallen Down the Rabbit Hole, It Seems.
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