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PostSubject: Kitaru   Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:04 pm

Animal-Human Hybrid

Name: Kitaru

Age: 19 dog years

Appearance: Standing at a small 5' 3" and weighing at 100 Ibs, and an athletic build. Her pale complexion stands out stark against waist length black hair. A long scar beginning at her right shoulder and ending at mid back is the only blemish on her skin. Her Grey/ blue eyes seem to glow in the dark. A tail hangs from her waist often flicking back and forth portraying her emotion.

Her clothing is a simple black shirt with the back torn out and the sleeves torn off, and a pair of blue "skinny jeans". Her hands are garbed in simple black gloves with a vine pattern on her right hand. A blue piece of torn cloth is wrapped around her waist to hold her shirt on.

Personality: Kitaru was a social butterfly as a human, her best friend however was a small wilds animal she had found injured on the side of the road on her way home one night. She is she to strangers and prefers to remain with those she trusts, she is loyal till the very end, and would sacrifice herself for those she cares for.

Background: As a human Kitaru was know as kit by her many friends, her life was good, living in a country home with her parents kit would often bike home after school. Days before the war she found a small black and white animal on the side of the road injured, out of pity for the small creature she brought it home to save it.

Days had passed before people began screaming about a nuclear missile, catching a drive with her neighbor home kitaru ran for the barn outside her country home hoping to have say goodbye to the small friend. Although the missile didn't hit them the radiation hit them hard and their molecules tore apart bonding together in a way no human would have believed possible.

Kitaru woke weeks later in pain confused and completely alone her small home destroyed and her family nowhere to be found. She began to wander the land helping the creatures she found along the way. She grew lonely her instinct craving company, craving family, she began collecting survivors most just small animals that had merged wither there prey. Her loneliness never left her but years passed. She wandered Most of north America eventually settling into a small town in Canada.

Humanic Traits:
The only traits that remain from the past is her kindness to other beings, her appearance and personality changed almost completely.

Original Humans name/appearance: Kitome Arume was a small girl at 4'8" and 80 Ibs her long blond hair falling just below her waist. her bright baby blues gave her the look of a young child.

Roleplay Sample: Kitaru rested upon a small rock, her new home was located near a river, and the rock was near the center of the water. Using her tail as bait kitaru was fishing, food was hard to come by and fishing was the easiest thing to do. Feeling a bite she quickly snapped her tail out of the water catching a small silver fish and quickly biting down on it. She grinned into her catch and held tight, this was the biggest one she had gotten. Her eyes lit up as she raced through the water back to the small den she shared with some foxes.
Entering the den she realized something was amiss, the foxes were gone. Dropping her catch she sniffed the air and lowered herself into a defensive position listing for any signs of danger. Her eyes scanned the small den before her ears caught the sound of bones snapping. Running towards the sound she dived out of the den just in time to see her small friend being torn in half by a large amphibian creature. Her eyes filled with tears and she attacked aiming for the creatures throat. Her small teeth made contact with the creature and she was suddenly thrown hard against a tree. She knew this was trouble.
Aiming her next attack precisely she readied her claws her eyes filling with hunger for the creatures blood for destroying her friends. The fight lasted only a few short minutes and kit reigned the victor her attacker now laid dead on the ground his eyes and heart torn free of his corpse.

(im lazy right now so not much detail in the rp sample but i can do a lot better. I will sketch a picture of her at some point in both human and Hybrid forms.)
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