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 Kaisimir Kek, the Leader of The Watchers.

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PostSubject: Kaisimir Kek, the Leader of The Watchers.    Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:13 pm

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Kaisimir (The great destroyer – German) Kek (God of darkness – Egyptian)

Age: 38


Kaisimir stands a tall 6’10 and his tail is longer than he is tall. Kaisimir has narrow, yellow-gold eyes and a snake appearance (obviously). Around his neck Kaisimir wears a large black and gold chain with a spade design in the middle and snake patterns running through it. Connected to this necklace are long, large leather straps that go around his back comfortingly. These are there to hold his tail when they are not in use and to make sure he doesn’t trip over it. Kaisimir wears large gold bracelets that cover his wrists for extra protection. On his index fingers he has long, sharp, gold rings that he uses for a variety of things (battle, opening things, etc). These rings are as tough as brass knuckles. Kaisimir’s tail is super strong and extremely flexible, when he unwraps it from his back, it is advised you do not stick around.

Personality: Alinando [German – Daring ruler] Chenzira [Egyptian – Born on a journey] and his later counterpart Kaisimir Kek both exhibit strong tendencies towards Antisocial Personality Disorder. Basically, he doesn't have a conscience and a lack of remorse, a sense of right or wrong controlling his actions, or shame or guilt for any wrongdoings he may commit against others. This does not mean that he has weak social skills, in fact, the opposite is the case. People with this disorder have a charming attitude and behavior towards others, giving them an ability to defraud and gain leadership positions. Often enough he fails to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest. He is very irritable and aggressive, as indicated by his repeated physical fights or assaults. He is deceitful, and lies often; he uses aliases and often cons others for personal profit and or pleasure. Kaisimir, or Alinando, is very reckless when it comes to the safety of others and often disregards death. He is far from a misunderstood and sensitive man.

Through his charismatic exterior, few feelings are present and any harm he causes, from the murder of his mother and so on, would be of little consequence to him. There is nothing amendable about him, for while one may be able to convey right and wrong to a person, one cannot make them feel it. He will be malicious and evil until the day he dies. Kaisimir does not apologize or answer to anyone, and if he had a spouse or children, nothing would prevent him from doing harm to them should it be sufficiently to his own benefit. Any romantic relationship he might develop would end in abuse and violence and likely not last for an extended period of time. It is also likely that he is completely unafraid of nearly everything in existence, save a few very select things. So there is seemingly nothing that he cares much for aside from himself and his own safety, an ascent to power, and the destruction of his enemies.

Extra Information: Kaisimir uses correct and proper English. He has never once used any slang term from any period of any country or region, and likely would never do so unless it was accompanied with a strong sense of sarcasm.

Background: Kaisimir (or as he was known as before the war, Alinando Chenzira) grew up in a home where he was not wanted. His mother was an alcoholic and often got violent over the most stupid things, she was an abomination. His father was no better with his extremely short temper and constant need to hit things for no reason at all. His parents were complete pricks. With every fiber of his being, he hated them. From this life he lived in complete torture, his personality and cruelness was molded.

As a kid, Alinando was always the silent one who finished all his homework and got straight A’s. He was the type who would sit in the back, excluding himself from any human contact and just make his way up the latter to success. Often enough, Alinando would get himself into trouble, whether it is something simple as getting into fights with complete moronic and pompous people, or defacing the property of the school and his fellow classmates. He was a hateful person, and everyone avoided him, to be honest, he liked that. Humans were not exactly his cup of tea, he was happy being alone most of the times.

One day during school, he was sitting through one of his favorite classes; history. He found history absolutely fascinating, though he did not show it…or, anything really. Alinando was having one of those days where nothing seemed to go right. First period he was pelted with bits of paper like he was in middle school again. Alinando had spent the entire class thinking of ways to kill them slowly as he tried his best to pay attention to the lesson. If that was not bad enough, study hall and period two were filled with complete morons who did nothing but discuss pointless television shows and their… parts. Disgusted by the decline of human intelligence in conversation, he did his best to ignore them.

As the day went on like this, he began to lose his patience. All day he was surrounded by pompous teenagers who had nothing better to do than distract their friends with random crap that popped into their small minds. Does the bullshit never cease? The only things running through his mind was how much he wanted all of this to end. At last, period six had arrived, just forty five minutes to go…

Every few seconds, his black eyes darted to the clock as the teacher droned on about the lesson. Not paying too much attention, he watched the clock tick. Alinando then glanced down at his paper to make on her was copying notes, and began to draw. He drew several disturbing sketches of the fates he made for all of the morons in his classes. Oh how I wish it were real…if only… He sneered in his mind. As he looked up at the clock, his spirit was lifted a tad as he realized there was only five minutes left. Starting to pack up like his fellow classmates, he bent over to get his book bag beside him on the floor.

Little to his knowledge, however, someone else had a seemingly brilliant idea. As Alinando slid his binder into his book bag, he began to zip the sides up. One of his classmates, Shane, was behind him with a large grin on his face. One of his chubby, pig-like friends beside him egged him on as Alinando’s zipper caught on the fabric, distracting him further from the situation behind him.”Do it man. Creeps like that are so fucking fun to piss off. Watch him use big words and his face turn into a tomato.” The boy said with a cackle. Shane moved forward and lifted his foot upward and pulled his kneed back. Pushing his foot forward hard, he laughed loudly as his foot made contact with Alinando’s rear end.

Being forced forward onto his stomach, he was launched over his book bag and put his hands in front of him to protect him from any impact. In his fall, he pushed forward a desk in front of him with no injuries. Standing up, stretching to full height, he froze. Still looking forward with his face facing the wall, his mind ran through a million thoughts. Shane’s gang laughed loudly when they witnessed the effect of his kick. Their faces fell in unison as they got no reaction. Alinando turned slowly and looked directly into Shane’s eyes. Walking forward to him without uttering a word, he stood about two inches from his face, his nose almost touching Shane’s. His posy exchanged looks of fear as they left their leader, they chose a smart path. His lips curled into a snarl as a glimpse of red could be seen every few seconds. ”Not very smart, are you? You think because you have a posy that you are tough? You know nothing about the battle field. You are pathetic. You are a waste of human life. How can one stand without a spine, you foul little cockroach.” He said with a sneer. The bell rang and his classmates were still glued to the spot, watching the scene (the teacher at the time had stepped out for a moment).

Everyone waited for an outbreak or a reaction from Shane. To everyone’s surprise, Shane has backed up a few inches without dropping his gaze from Alinando. Alinando walked right up to him again, his eyes flashing a deep red. “Goodbye.” Alinando told him cruelly before his hand darted up and wrapped around his neck forcefully. Digging his thumb into his pressure point hard, he snapped his neck sideways as well. Shane imploded and his windpipe was shattered, causing immediate death. Grinning widely, Alinando walked out of the room as though nothing happened. He hated his school, his life, and the world around him. Time for change, he thought evilly. Alinando never set foot in the school again, and moved out of his parents’ house. He was only 16 at the time, but he didn’t give a fuck. It was time to make a new life.

During his new life in his ‘friend’s’ apartment, he met many new people. Some he could tolerate, like Evan. Evan was a human he had grown up with, and actually went to school together since they were kids. Alinando considered him to be more of a family member, maybe a distant family member, than friend; but it didn’t matter now. Always on the lookout for something better, he often ignored Evan and now had little interest in him.

One night Alinando came home to find Evan drunk. Rolling his eyes, he bypassed Evan. Not paying any attention to him or what was around him, Alinando went into his room and lay down on his bed. Little to his knowledge, Evan had a knife in his hand. Evan was tired of being ignored and he too had a hard life. Deciding to end it, he slit his throat. Zoning out in his room, Alinando was making his plan to dominate the globe. All around him were scattered papers and books and his pet snake. His snake was never kept in a tank because Alinando hated keeping freedom from those whom he was close to. The snake was the only one who really understood him, or so he thought. After a few hours of plotting, Alinando decided to head outside and go for a walk. Opening his door and glancing over at his shoulders, he was about to say goodbye to Evan as he noticed he had fallen over. Turning around, he looked closer and saw him in a pool of blood. Walking over to him, he saw the knife and knew he had died. Lifting his body up and accidentally staining his hands with blood, he made his way outside and laid his body on the lawn, for what reason, he did not know.

Looking around, he saw people running in the streets and screaming. Had they seen him with Evan and noticed he was covered in blood. Glancing this way and that in a slight panic, he quickly found out not a soul was paying attention to him. They were screaming over the news that a bomb was about to be dropped. Alinando looked towards the sky and walked back into the house casually and picked his snake up. From that moment he vowed that if he ever made it through this alive, he would take over the world.

Animalistic Traits: Snake head, forked tongue, snake tail, scales, slits for a nose, snake eyes, enhanced senses, flexible jaw, enhanced defensive skills (reaction time), ability to speak Parseltongue (snake, haha yeah... I went there).

Original Animal: King cobra [Side info!] King cobra's genus name, Ophiophagus, literally means "snake-eater", and its diet consists primarily of other snakes, including rat snakes, sizeable pythons and even other venomous snakes. Lol.

Starter weapon: Large blade with a sturdy wooden and gold handle. Blade is impregnated heavily with venom.

After the War: Once Alinando got used to his new body and powers (snake abilities), he began experimenting. Alinando was one of the most intelligent students in his school, and being the quiet one; he never got recognized and asked that no one did. This secret genius of his helped him understand exactly how he became what he was, but this was not good enough for him. He wanted more.

After several years of planning and experiments on himself, Alinando made himself an entire new identity. He changed his name so he was not reminded of his past (thought he kept one Egyptian and one German because he liked both languages) and he made himself an Egyptian attire. Alinando began gathering followers (it was not all that hard, hybrids in this world were not always that hard to persuade… depending on who they were) and formed an alliance. He called this alliance The Watchers. He felt empowered, he felt kingly. This is the life he was waiting for.

After changing his name and appearance, he then began to tamper with his features. He gave himself retractible talons (like a lion, only much strong and more effective), though he made golden finger rings to cover his index fingers that would not stain ever (he hated getting his hands dirty in battle, if need be, he avoided it). This pleased him, but it was not good enough, greed got to him. Kaisimir then began to alter his fangs and tongue. He lived the snake abilities; he strengthened his tongue (for scent) and his fangs. As for his tail, he left it be… it was already as strong as it was ever going to get. He made his hearing multiply, but as so he wouldn’t be fucked over by loud sounds; he made it so he could tap into his super hearing at his own will. Finally, he altered his skeleton to be completely bendable, his bones were still strong, but his flexibility was strengthen to a tenfold, thus giving him a damn-near undefeatable form. Finally, to top it off, he changed his eyes so that he could shoot venom from them as well as through his fangs (Stolen from viper DNA). Though, if lucky, you can find weaknesses in the most strange of places…-to be continued…?-

Once his new form and skills were complete, he realized then that he was alone. This was not acceptable. Searching around, he found 3 important men that he considered forming an alliance with. He waited for a few weeks, studying their behavior and abilities, wondering if they would fit the bill. Kaisimir came to the conclusion that they did. After speaking with them in a long meeting, they then began plotting taking over the world. Kaisimir showed the three how to alter their DNA and many other things. Together, they seemed unstoppable. Kaisimir made Fang into a seemingly unstoppable hybrid, and he knew Fang was loyal. Fang always got the job done, Kaisimir liked this, and he used him often. Kaisimir also kept a close eye upon Aldebrando, another general. Aldebrando, like Fang, had potential, and Kaisimir was pleased with these two.

From this moment on, Kaisimir was a whole new person. His image, personality, and name had a whole new meaning to him. This was no longer school and family, this was real. His entire life’s purpose had been reformed, Kaisimir’s life now revolved around killing, quickly and cruelly, for whatever he wanted. Whatever he touched now became his if he deemed it worthy enough, and did not give a damn to whom he stepped on. In his eyes, if you crossed his path, he would destroy you within seconds unless you proved to him you had some sort of importance. Ever since he got his new form, everything that had been holding him hostage; his parents, his school, and so much more… had been taken away. There was nothing to hold him down, and he would stop at nothing until the world was his, and he would rule everything, and everyone would see what should have been. What could have been, if it were not for the pathetic human race, he wanted everything, and he would get it; with the help or Fang and Aldebrando and their new powers.

Roleplay Sample: I am Amayah, get a job slash life and stop asking for role-play samples D< [Translation: No. Because, no.]
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PostSubject: Re: Kaisimir Kek, the Leader of The Watchers.    Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:08 am

Auto-Approved because of Nariko quitting. [Nobody bitch at me for auto-approving or I swear I will hunt you down and kill you. Cruelly.]




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PostSubject: Re: Kaisimir Kek, the Leader of The Watchers.    Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:38 am

Actually, no one can, for I also approve of this.

And my word is law, foo'
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PostSubject: Re: Kaisimir Kek, the Leader of The Watchers.    Sun Nov 14, 2010 1:32 pm

X] k.




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PostSubject: Re: Kaisimir Kek, the Leader of The Watchers.    

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Kaisimir Kek, the Leader of The Watchers.
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