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PostSubject: Fang    Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:29 am

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Fang



Personality:He is very quiet and aggressive. once while he was hunting a bear came through the woods.instead of running he stood next to the tree and the bear walked past him without noticing while the bear walked in front of him he unsheathed his dagger and stabbed it in the eye. The bear howled in pain which made some more bears come.Fang trying to fight this bear wasn't prepared for two more.The bears attacked him and over powered him. luckily before they could kill him two hunters came hearing the bear they became his pals.

This may shock you but he is shy he usually would never talk to someone first unless he had to. One time he was taking his daily hike during the night and found someone selling a long bow in great shape him not wanting to talk to the trader took it quickly and quietly and left the money the trader never noticed it until someone wanted it.He will guard friends and family without a question.One time While he was talking with his friend a man walked up to his pal and said "give me your wallet" as he pulled out a gun.I quickly grabbed the gun from his hand and round house kicked him in the face he got knocked out but his gang walked up and they got in a fight with them the next day they were all in the hospital.

Background:Fang was walking through the forest quietly with his bow and arrow set up and ready.He heard a flap and shot at the sound and got his first kill for the day it was a small pigeon. He put it in my bag and went over to his town to sell it.There was no buyers so he walked over to his house to put it in the fridge.Later that night fang took a hike in the mountains nothing interesting happened. On his walk back i heard a sound of a plane it was faint but he heard it. Fang took out his bow hoping it was just a mocking bird.he walked towards the town and when he was near the outside wall the town exploded sending him flying He remembered hitting a eagle in midair and it went with me and then He blacked out.

Fang woke up in the middle of the mountains with dead animals and his bow that broke into a million pieces around him.He forced himself to stand up when He felt something weird on his back when he moved it around my shoulders so he could see two wings. Fang panicked at first then he calmed myself down.He found a good cave that he went in for the night.When i woke up he saw a bear staring down at him with its mouth open about to eat his face.Fang quickly rolled but didn't avoid the bite completely He was bit on the arm and got a chunk bit off ignoring the great pain Fang ran and he jumped and he flew knowing he had to find shelter. Fang flew away from the mountains.

Flying for the first time was amazing Fang felt the wind brush past him and he looked down to see his arm bleeding like hell.I landed near a old town when i entered it people murmured when i entered the hospital and showed my bite
they said "Do you have money"
"Yes" I replied making my voice sound threatening
"OK we charge $30.00" they replied.Fang paid them and they set me on a table and gave him medicine that made him fall asleep.When he woke up they rushed him outside without saying a word.Fang walked inside a tavern to get something to drink when he got in there everyone left except a group of wolf men. Fang spotted a dagger in one of their hands.The one with the dagger walked up to him and
said "I don't want you here" Fang could smell whiskey in his breath and he calmly breathed out and kicked him in the chest and then he attempted to stab Fang and Fang grabbed his arm while moving out of the way from the blade and using his strength broke it.The other men charged at him but fang threw fists and kicks at them while they did the same to him he beat them but with a few injuries such as a a black eye and few scars the others how ever were on the ground unconscious and the injured one screamed like a banshee holding his arm and he looked at Fang with sympathy and that's when Fang kicked him in the face knocking him out. Fang grabbed his wallet and walked up to the rat hybrid that was a bartender and said 'whiskey please" handing him $5.00 when He was done Fang emptied the wallet for the bartenders tip and flew away from the town.

He continued flying Fang even saw some explosions from nukes and just being alone with these explosions and screams was driving him insane LITERALLY.Fang saw a trader with a huge wagon going by and he flew down silently flying low to ground next to the wagon.Fang flew up behind him and cracked his next quickly.fang killed the two horses and looked through the cart for something useful he found a cheap bow and a few arrows.He made a fire with flint and set the wagon on fire. Fang cooked the horses and ate them. After fang was done he burped and flew away.

The war was over and by now the few surviving birds were his friends and they flew next to him.Fang was pondering over what should be a simple question
"What is my name" Fang whispered to myself. He looked down and saw what was left of the earth.He flew down and as he laid himself self down on a tree.He thought of a new name for the new him and He decided
"fang" He Whispered to himself.
When he awoke he started flying again he was in unfamiliar territory so he was on guard. he flew down and he saw skeletons of kids with a bit of flesh on them and the vultures that ate at them.he pulled out his bow and shot the vultures none survived.He cooked the vultures bodies on a fire controlled only by bones surrounding it.He had a pretty big meal in which he shared with his friends the eagles and birds.
"This is my new family" he whispered

Animalistic Traits:Enhanced sences,wings, fingers turned into talons, cant sleep on beds

Original Animal: Hawk

Starter weapon:
cheap bow

Roleplay Sample: Tom was jogging through the city with a smile on his face.he was jogging towards his dads house like He do every Wednesday.When he turned the corner the bully from his elementary school appeared
"Where do you think your going!?" He said as he grabbed me. as he did this my dad walked out of his house for who knows why but he saw Tom.He ran across the street with fury in his face Tom thought he was going to beat the pulp out of either one of them or both of us .Half way across the street he was when he got shot.
"NO!"Tom shouted and he looked around wildly when i saw a man with a sniper walk off of a roof and run away.
The bully didn't let go didn't care what happened behind him
"shut up"he said Tom reacted with fury he head butted the bully and the bully let go stumbling back then tom tackled him knocking him down.He had a confused expression then a mad one he stood up and charged.Tom tried to dodge but he hit my left side he turned and kicked the bully in the back he fell that's when Tom jumped up and down on him. Next day Tom was in a juvenile detention center for assault.

Last edited by Fang on Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:00 pm; edited 3 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Fang    Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:05 pm

A) Everything needs to be in third person.

B) Why was he considered a freak by others? If it was because of the wings and whatnot, he only got that after the war, meaning everyone would have been dead if they weren't half-animal as well. fix these things.
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PostSubject: Re: Fang    Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:50 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Fang    Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:04 am

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PostSubject: Re: Fang    

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