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 Lance [finished]

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PostSubject: Lance [finished]   Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:46 pm

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Lance Nightstorm


the giant snake goes up his shirt into his back. and komodo dragon tail.

Personality: he has a killer instinct. He was a natural born killer or a well.... naturally fused killer. He fused with two things that liked killing. he was a slightly evil child anyway. He is smart. before and after the war. A evil genius.

Lance was evil that's a definite. If you run at him. he may have set a trap. He liked his snake buddy. As if he had a choice about having it tag along everywhere. the snake could talk and they shared thoughts plans and what not. If you fought him you fought both of them. They are unseperatable.

Background: when lance was born his mother was super kind or well he heard. His father was a child abuser he abused his older brother. His mother when she was pregnant with him said to his dad.
"I am going to be going to a business trip" she said. his dad was OK with it. She went to great Britain or England what ever you call it. She had lance there. she named him steph. She then took him to a family that would care for him and then she left.

The parents were kinda mean they thought steph didn't fit so they called him Lance. So he thought Lance was his name for his whole life. Lance got kicked out of school after school. For multiple reasons. he mat have been getting kicked out but he had straight As he was a genius. He got 99%s and 100%s. most people were shocked. Some said he threatened teachers and cheated. but he didnt he didn't at all.

After a long time his parents just gave him a lab top and said learn. Since school didn't work he had to do online schools. but he was a genius after all. he hacked through his parents safety guard shit to keep him from playing games. he played a game on one tab while learning on a other. He had passing grades or 100s so his parents didn't care.

He got a present snake for his birthday. he loved it. he would take it everywhere. He gave it everything nice and tasty to snakes. They were unseperatable. He played with it and did everything. One day he took it for a walk it was around his neck and he scared all the little kids. he could have sworn the snake laughed as they ran but lance did to so he didn't care.

his parents took him for a trip to America one day or well... Arizona. he was taking a walk through the back yard when he saw a komodo dragon. lance snuck up behind it and grabbed it. He was messing around. the komodo dragon was about to bite him. that's when the nuke went off.

Lance woke up feeling weird. He stood up and felt stronger and more.... everything. He ran around the remains of what looked like a city. he found a mirror. a glass plastic or what not. he looked in it. he fused with the komodo dragon and the snake he thought. yes said a part of him. He realized the snake was apart of him. hey he said in his mind. hello responded the voice. That's when a huge snake face popped up . he had a huge snake connected to him.

After about three weeks he got used to the new world. lance scavenged washed and created his suit. A white robe like thing. he also wore a pair of pants and underwear. he killed and what not. he sometimes even tried talking with what didn't kill him on sight. He was officialy apart this new world.

Animalistic Traits: Giant snake attached. huge venomous teath. komodo dragon venom (paralyzes and thins blood making faster blood travel and makes big wound allowing more venom in). He has enhanced sences. he spit out venom.

Original Animal:Komodo dragon and snake

Starter weapon:bow

Roleplay sample: tom had a battle rifle and was waking through the city. he was ready to shoot on sight. He had the gun up and ready. he turned to the left and up and shot. Head shot. He then realized he was surrounded. He threw down his grenade right below his feet. A bubble shield popped up. Tom quickly ran in and out of the shield shooting at the enemies. He walked out in triumph he had defeated 30 enemies beat that. Then a sniper shot came he dodged and killed the sniper. He then walked around the corner and he got a knife to the face. GAME OVER.
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PostSubject: Re: Lance [finished]   Sat Nov 13, 2010 8:16 pm

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Lance [finished]
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