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 Neko bakudan

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PostSubject: Neko bakudan   Fri Nov 19, 2010 10:48 pm

Human-Animal )Hybrid

Name:Neko Bakudan



Personality: If you don't believe in all play no work you haven't met Neko. He isn't a crack pot who gets mad easily. He also isn't a super duper nice person. if a huge tree guy walked up to him he would have some simple thoughts. He would think two things kill and he would think about play. he would kill it happily but with a smile.

He enjoys company but he would hate company 24/7. He is a overall nice person. He isn't someone that would be OK with betrayal. If you betray him he kills you. He trains for the kill. He has never gave up a fight. He also never went away a fight without a scratch (one time he walked away from a fight with only a scratch).

Background:Neko never liked sports. He was always picked on. he loves to do magic tricks and drawing. He can draw a perfect sketch of someone. Neko bakudan was unlike anyone else. people always found him a weakling. He was a excellent fighter. He learns from experience.

Neko was drawing a sketch of a bird. he was at recess. noise was everywhere. he hated noise. A guy walked up to him scaring away the bird. he stood looking down at Neko.
"go away" said neko. He looked at his sketch pad and the 75% of a bird.
"what are you gonna do" said the dude bully man named peter. He grabbed nekos collar and picked Neko off the ground. Now if neko had a long stick (his weapon of choice) that was as long as a walking stick he would have won this fight already. neko kicked the bully's nuts (the E for everybody term). The bully winced for like 5 seconds then threw neko at a tree.

Neko looked up he was bleeding. He grabbed a branch off the tree. he positioned it in a lunge position. The bully walked up to neko with a knife. weirdly he sneaked that into the school. Neko took a stepo forward and swung the branch hitting the middle part of the bullies head. The bully stumbled and threw the knife. they were both bleeding. the knife made stuff worse. Neko pulled out the knife and stuck it in the ground.
"sharpo weapons are for weaklings" neko said. He did another blow higher in the head knocking the bully out. Neko walked back to his class recess ended.

It was the school talent show. Neko was going to preform he was #3. #1 did a song and #2 did a dance. when it was Nekos turn the announcer guy said in the microphone "next up Neko Bakudan".It was followed by applause. Neko had a painting thing on the stage a paint set and a magic costume. He drew on the paper a perfect sketch of his cat mummet. He showed them that the hat was empty. He then took off his hat and placed the hole part against the sketch of the cat. neko moved the hat away and the sketch was gone. He then pulled his cat mummit out of the hat. applause came soon after. Neko bowed.

Neko was holding and petting his cat mummet outside. the cat meowed happily. Then a loud alarm sound came. polanes were flying above the school. Bombs were falling Neko looked up. he thought for a second and ran. He ran as quickly as possible. he brought mummet because it would be cruel if he didn't. A explosion happened. Neko woke up in a world of hell.

Animalistic Traits:cat ears, enhanced senses, loves milk, licks his drinks, and faster,Claws, Night vision, Tail, Barbed tongue,and furballs and faster hair growth rate.

Original Animal:Cat (MEOW :3)

Starter weapon:dagger
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PostSubject: Re: Neko bakudan   Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:01 am

Approved ~
I enjoy your animalistic traits by the way. xD




~"I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?" -L~
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Neko bakudan
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