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 Rairī Gūguru (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Rairī Gūguru (W.I.P)   Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:00 pm

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Rairī Gūguru



Personality: Rairi was quite a serious person. He had time for fun and games but when he needs to he is really quite serious. He's not afraid to get dirty he will do anything to get what needs to be done, done. He has lost fights in his life but sometimes by the way he acts you could swear that he hasn't. But he can also have his silly times to.

When he's not all serious he can be quite fun. He has lots of fun times usually so he isn't a constent downer. If you couldn't tell he loves animals, especially tigers. Rairi has lots of cardio so he can run far with outrages speed. One thing to know about Him is he is very quick to jump to conclusions so i wouldn't sneak up behind his back.

Background: Rairi was highly trained in Karate all the way to black belt third degree. He had A pet tiger named Sutoraipu. Him and the tiger were the best of friends. At most times he felt as if he could tell what it was thinking or tring to say. Although his brother hated the tiger which is why he had died from the bomb. Which left Rairi in deep pain for a whole year.

Rairi also had a friend who had taught him how to sneak around in nothing but silence. This friends name was Jeikobu. He had later died from lung cancer. Rairi had tons of friends but none as close as him, except for his pet tiger Sutoraipu. He felt empty as if he had nothing left. Which is why he is serious usually now.

When the war had started Rairi had nothing else to do but run, and so he did. Thats when one day he was holding his tiger close and thats when the bomb dropped he immediatly fused with him. After that Rairi had found out he could now talk with his tiger, but it was in his head so no one else could hear it. He then had nothing to do. He just walked forward and nothing else.

Animalistic Traits: Rairi has quick reaction has outrages speed and strength and can hear things from at least 100 meters away.

Original Animal: Tiger

Starter weapon: Dagger (Red with blood stains)

Roleplay Sample: Rairi was walking along the woods. He had never been so bored in his life time. He had also never been so hungry. As he walked along the woods he heard a crack. He turned around and found a figure walking towards him. He had no idea what he should do. As he awaited for the Hybrid to get closer he relized an arrow coming strait at him. He ducked and ran towards the Hybrid and gave him a good punch to the face. He then left him lying there passed out on the ground.
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Rairī Gūguru (W.I.P)
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