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 Chikiba [[COMPLETED!]]

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PostSubject: Chikiba [[COMPLETED!]]   Chikiba [[COMPLETED!]] I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 15, 2010 11:25 pm

Animal-Human Hybrid

Oh sure, I can be nice..
I just choose not to be...

Chikiba [[COMPLETED!]] Black_Panther_1024x768


Chikiba,.. duh.




Chikiba [[COMPLETED!]] TheBlueNekomimi300x3002-1-1 - age 14

Chikiba [[COMPLETED!]] Jfsaa - age 18

Chikiba [[COMPLETED!]] 3130437

Chikiba has short dark blue/black hair and dark blue eyes. When she is angry, there will be a slit of red in them. She has matching black ears and a tail. Though she has claws, they are rarely seen out unless in a fight. She usually wears a one piece swimsuit with a upside down horseshoe shape showing from her cleavage to above her belly button though she is known to wear other clothing.


Chikiba can be summoned up in three words. Cautious-as-FUCK. xD

Chikiba excels mostly in clear thought out decisions. She acts upon her head and not her heart most of the time. Though sometimes her heart gets in the way. She is known to be insensitive at times. She cares deeply for her lover Kururu along with her other close friends. If you want a fight, pick on them and youll get one. Chikiba cant stand seeing people upset because it makes her feel terrible and she HATES feeling like that. Finally, One of Chikiba's hidden traits is her sex-ish side. It is not shown often to anyone.


Born in Brighton, London, England, United Kingdom, Chikiba was packed up in a crate by her mother when she had just turned nine. During that time, a war had swept across the planet, and had engulfed Great Brittan. Her mother seeing that this would give her the biggest chance of surviving, threw the crate into the Celtic sea.

She floated in the sea for half a year, surviving on the banana's that she was surrounded by until she hit land (And this was a good thing too because the crate was withering and one more day could have ship wrecked her onto an Island in the middle of nowhere.) She stumbled out of the withered crate onto a sun drenched beach. Chikiba took a few steps and then collapsed from dehydration onto the boiling sand.

"Hey, Big Kitty, you okay?"
"Oh God, I hope this works.."
~ FWOSH! ~
"MROA!?" cried Chikiba in surprise.

Chikiba opened her eyes wide, Her pupils dilated. She looked around, this wasn't the beach! It looked like the inside of her crate only bigger and, ..different. She backed up away from the "thing that lay in front of her. "Oh, it's alright, you dont have to be scared of me." The being slowly advanced towards Chikiba. Chikiba looked around, there was nowhere to hide, to run, TO ESCAPE! Claws drawn back tense, she furiously lashed out at the threat---but the thing grabbed her paws and wrapped them in some indestructible gauze. Then, the thing swiftly walked away from Chikiba and moments later brought back a bucket and sat it down in front of her.

The being uncorked a flask and poured a clear liquid into the bucket. After it was half full, she withdrew the flask. "Here, " the thing said while gulping down the remaining substance. "Have something to drink, I bet you'll feel a lot better afterward." Chikiba sniffed curiously at the bucket. she turned her back to it and stuck the tip of her tail into the liquid. It felt cold. She withdrew it and licked her tail. She imediatly knew what this was, water! Thirstily, she gulped down the cool substance while keeping an eye on the
creature. The thing laughed, "I bet u feel better now, huh?" "I'm a human by the way. My name's Lily." Lily smiled. "Human?" Chikiba thought while continuing to lap at the water. If she knew anything about humans it was this; "never trust them,--ever." But this one seemed ..different. Not at all like the ones back in her homeland. Lily broke into her thoughts, "It's getting pretty dark out there." "Your welcome to stay the night if you like?" She considered this, and later decided to use the opportunity of having a shelter. I mean who knew what was out there, especially in a foreign land?

She slept soundly that night until being abruptly awoken by gunshots. Chikiba perked her ears up, she roamed the premises for Lily but couldn't find her. Then she heard the groan of someone in pain. She ran outside and there, she found Lily. Her body was twisted in an awkward position and slouching against the wall of the shelter. Chikiba approached Lily cautiously. "Oh, hey there big kitty." Said Lily.Chikiba looked from Lily's face to the wound in her lower torso. "Oh, this? hah,'s nothing--UHHG!" ..."Dont worry.." she said with one eye squeezed shut. "I'll be fine." She forced a smile."You know something..?" Lily said after a moment of silence, "My family was killed in the war here, in America. But that was a long time ago,.." Chikiba sat down and looked at her. "...and it wasn't just my family, almost everyone who used to live here got killed. Those who managed to survive gathered together and were sent to other continents-
including the doctors" Lily was interrupted by the sound of gunshots again.

"You know what? I dont think I will make it, those.. ..nyuh.." She struggled to get up some. She pointed into the distance down the beach. "Those hunters down there, one of them shot me because I did something that was not permitted; to help an animal." "Any type of animal in these parts is considered to be food, not pets." Lily raised an arm to Chikiba and began to stroke her head. "I Thank you for bringing me joy in this horrid wasteland. I can't move my legs, theyll be coming back soon to finish me off. Run! I dont want you to die along with me."

Chikiba actually felt sympathy for the first time. Over the short hours that she had spent with lily, she had somehow attached a frail bond to her. She wanted to repay her somehow, The gunshots had begun to get louder, a sign that if she didnt do something soon, they would both end up dead. Then she realized her only option... She'd have to fuse with lily. Yes Lily would be killed in the process, but she was going to die anyhow. At least this way, she'd know that Lily would still be with her, inside.

Lily stoped stroking Chikiba. Her hand slid off Chikiba's head, her arm slumping to her side, and there she lay still. Chikiba decided to start the process of the fusion. She raised one of Lily's arms and sunk her teeth into the meaty flesh of her wrist. Chikiba could still feel a pulse. That was good.If Lily had died right then, then the fusion would not work. Chikiba released Lily's wrist and went for her neck using her claws to scratch the soft layer of skin. She ripped at Lily's head, eating some of her brain tissue which was especially important to link their dna together. After devouring half of Lily, who was a lifeless corpse now, she felt a magnetic energy pulling Lily towards her and her towards Lily. Within seconds, she was seeded within lily's body. Chikiba opened her eyes, but they werent her eyes, they were lily's..

Humanic Traits:

Chikiba's primary human trait is the survival trait. This is because of how well Lily was at surviving after everyone was gone from America. (Or supposedly gone.) She also is very alert and careful. She has complex human thinking as well as emotions and human speech. Lastly, she can be flirtatious at times due to Lily's flirtatious attitude.

Fun fact about my character: She's a sucker for anything blue.

Original Humans name/appearance:

Lily Hiame (light rain)

panther Pictures, Images and Photos

Lily had light blond hair and dark blue eyes. She wore a classic school attire for it was the only piece of clothing she had left.

Roleplay Sample:

Okay, so the beginning of this is going to sound a lot like twilight. (but bare with me. xD) And yes it is wrote in first person because my book is in first person. I will be writing in third whenever roleplaying though, so don't worry.


This is sad but true, My last day on earth. I am pledging my life for an others. But since I have to die, I'd like to go this way. Knowing that someone I love will still be alive.

I stare out the car window, it is raining. I can hear the steady rhythm of the drops pounding on the hood of the car. I am trying to make sense of what I see out the window but it is nearly impossible with the rain sludging and draging across it, mistifying all objects outside. The taxi suddenly haults, and I feel a jolt of lightning course throughout my body. The taxi driver turns around and signals for me to get out. As he does, he says something, but my ears aren't listening. I am lost in my thoughts, perhaps that is the best place for me to be right now. Mind blank, eyes unblinking I open the door, and heave myself out of the back seat. I shut the door, or did I slam it? I dont know, I'm not paying attention. My body suddenly feels stiff, like some unnatural desiese had consumed my body and.. but wait. Just then my senses all rush back to me, and I realize that it is the heavy pounding of the rain befalling onto me. I am not wearing a coat, stupid of me not to have put one on but, does it really matter?

I stare up from the water flooded sidewalk up at the fishery port; towards the boats lined up at the dock, they sway up and down on the angered seabed. Staring farther out, the sound of thunder clapped and a bright streak of lightning dove into the frigid water.

I shivered for the first time now, and wrapped my wet garments around me for warmth, though it provided little aid. I started towards the port cabin, but I find it hollow and dark. I stare up to the roof of the cabin and find a huge gaping hole in the middle. Through it you can see the blackened sky. More water plasters to my eyes and completely soaks my hair. I am about to turn around when he grabs my hands from behind.

He drags me out of the cabin and towards to boats. I desperatly flail to get away but that only angers him more as he throws me into a boat. In the darkness of night, I cannot see his face, but I CAN see the piercing fangs sliding out of his mouth. covered in dark, stick liquid... I only had time to scream:


Section from my novel; "Midnight Chrisis" by: Bloodfang

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