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 beta character, for feedback [wip]

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Silver Fang

Silver Fang

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PostSubject: beta character, for feedback [wip]   Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:54 pm

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Janelle Sthamann

Age: 29

Appearance: Janelle was 1.7 metres tall, and weighed about 55kg. She had dyed her hair snow white and wore it straight and slightly longer than her shoulders. Her bangs reached to her eyes and her hair was parted in the middle. She had slim eyebrows, brown eyes that really squint when she smiles or laughs. Her filipina heritage seems obvious. Her nose is average size, perhaps a touch wider than typical. Her lips are moderately full and she has a rounded chin. Her smile is usually a closed mouth & pouting style, which can then break into a wide bright smile. Its a default expression and remains present even when she in upset, annoyed, or angry. She has a generally fit constitution and is stronger than she looks, with significant stamina. She has C sized breasts, and a thicker waist than some. She is almost always described as "adorable".

Personality: Janelle is quietly charismatic. She doesn't laugh often because her laugh is a high pitched hee hee haw hee that just about kills everyone around from laughter. She has an underlying rage that she keeps in check most of the time. Partly from her background, partly because she's so "adorable" that when she does get upset, no one takes her seriously. She has had to literally punch people she was angry with to get them to realize that she was serious. This has caused her to have a very small circle of friends, but they have been extremely close. She has a very spiritual outlook on life. That's something that has been present throughout her life and has always been a source of strength, joy, and endurance. She was always of the belief that the only race was the human race and where ever possible continues to apply it. She's had few relationships in her life simply because she's never seen it necessary to date someone to enjoy his company. Her generally hidden temper has caused tensions each time, though she's been able to manage her relationships pretty well. She's always loved animals and athletics, fantasy, science fiction, video games. Yes, she's a geek girl, and loves it. She was an enthusiastic body shaper as well as varying styles of sword play. Her learning style is more hands-on than bookish, though she learns a lot from her continual reading. Usually if you want to teach her something, you show her how to do it, then get her to actually do it. A brief period of supervision and then she'll be able to do it.

Background: Janelle was born in Korea to unmarried parents, a Canadian father and a Filipina mom. That relationship didn't work out, though they remained good friends afterwards. Problems with some drunk women after a night out on the town resulted in her mother being killed from being beaten. She was immediately taken in by her father and had lived in his family since, enjoying a good relationship with her stepmom and younger stepsisters, classically opposite of Disney. She took classes in both kendo and hapkido early on and kept up with them as a hobby, with a bit of fencing training that ended only because the instructor could no longer offer the classes for free. Following his employment in Korea, they moved to his new job in Bahrain, and later on, to another job in the Cayman Islands. There was a year in Ghana, before finally going to Canada, where she finished high school in Thompson, Manitoba. She holds a dual citizenship with the Philippines and Canada, though she has never once been to the Philippines and only arrived in Canada in time to graduate high school. After that she became a veterinarian with a degree from the University of Saskatchewan's Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She got work with the provincial government's Environment Ministry researching wildlife populations and habitat protection in northern Saskatchewan. She was monitoring woodland caribou migration when she observed a Gray wolf pack hunting them. One of them was a sizeable and brilliant white female who was injured in the otherwise successful hunt when the caribou successfully kicked and then fell on her. The pack moved on, so she and her team moved in to rescue the wolf. It took a while but her recovery went very well, forging a relationship with the wolf as the process went on. Janelle was holding this snow white wolf for some last shots and examinations prior to release into the wild again when the global tragedy struck, fusing them.

Animalistic Traits: Since fusing, she is considerably taller, about 2.2 metres, and has added extra mass as well - up to 123kg. Her skull is wolfed as well as her legs and she has a tail as well. She's also covered in show white fur. She also has sharp non-retractable claws now, which have proven to be an annoying thing to adjust to. She no longer has a monthly menstruation but in late March and early April is nearly climbing the walls. She retains her intelligence and ability to speak but can hear much better and has an enhanced sense of smell. Her eyesight has been slightly reduced but she still sees quite well.

Original Animal: the name notwithstanding, a purely white furred Gray wolf.

Starter weapon: small dagger

Roleplay Sample: okay.. um first person, but I need to give this a bit more thought.
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Head Admin

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PostSubject: Re: beta character, for feedback [wip]   Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:33 pm

Just do your roleplay sample, and your good. Approved. ~




~"I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?" -L~
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beta character, for feedback [wip]
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