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 It's Raining Cats and Dogs.

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PostSubject: It's Raining Cats and Dogs.   Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:40 pm

I eat boys up
Breakfast and lunch
Then when I'm thirsty
I drink their blood

Amara wandered the destroyed city of England with an odd smile on her face. She sniffed the air and found no threats, but began purring when she looked down to see human corpses below her. Always the sadistic one she was after the war and her new body. "Someone looks like they could use a hug...~" She said with a laugh as she looked down at a mangeled body of a woman the the frozen look of fear still embedded in her open eyes, who knows what the last thing she saw was. Amara stepped over the body and continued on, her long hair billowing in the breeze, it began to get in her way to look at things, she decided it was time to cut it. In the distance, Amara saw a large convinience store-looking building that was half destroyed, but was still good enough to be still standing without fear of it collapsing. She picked up her pace and walked into it.

Inside the store it was very dark, but not dark enough to blind Amara from looking about, she was nocturnal and had night vision, so it was cake to her. Smoothly she got down on all fours to get a better look at what was scattered on the floor, and found quite a bit, but nothing she had been looking for. Scattered about were remenants of rotted food and burnt money and papers that looked like maps. Picking up a few of these and looking at them, she tucked them away into her shirt, they could be quite useful in the future and were hardly burnt at all. What Amara's goal was was to find something sharp or maybe scissors if she was quite lucky. Going deeper into the building found her some pieces of bread that had moulded quite a bit, but there was a side that seemed to be perfectly fine; she ripped off that half with her claws and ate it. She swallowed and was left with a dry taste in her mouth, it was a bit stale but beggars ought not to be choosers, she wondered if there was any liquids in here. Amara manevered around a few fruit stands that had rotted and found these odd looking stands with glass doors and handles on each side. She tilted her head and looked at them. Inside there were cans and bottles, most had print on them in which she did not understand. Amara's attention was grasped when she came across a carton that said 'Milk' on it. Milk! She lunged her hand forward to grab it, but hit the glass in which she had forgotten about. The glass was dusty, but could be seen through pretty easily. She then looked at th handles and wondered what to do, she reached forward and wrapped her fingers around it, pulling it rather hard. The door opened. She smiled.

When the door opened her immediate reaction was to grab the milk, she knew it would be sour with lack of proper refrigeration and after so long, but she just stared at it, and missed the days when milk was around. She loved milk. Amara put the carton down on the ground and looked at the other shelfs, it clearly had been gone threw because only 2 or 3 cans remained. She squinted her eyes to try and read, she was practicing her alphabet in case it would pop up in this world, it clearly had done her good to know it. This made her proud. The one beside where the milk had been was labeled 'Soda', the one under it, was 'Juice', and the other was too beaten up to even read, she ignored this one. She picked up the juice first, because the name had struck her fancy more. Amara screwed off the top with care and looked at the liquids in it, it was orange. She sniffed it, it had smelled alright. Carefully, she put the top back on and set it down, she would save it for later. Next she grabbed the soda, this was in a metal can, and had a rather cool feeling to touch, this one was the most interesting yet. On the top, it had a weird tab and a circle, she scanned it and saw no way of opening it, but she heard liquid moving inside of it, she decided to leave it alone for now and figure it out later, she set it next to the juice and closed the door.

Amara wondered what else was in here, but first, to hide her discoverings. She picked up both the juice and soda and walked over to the entrance so she could get it when she left and tucked them under a moth eaten blanket that had been thrown on the floor. She then turned her head and looked around again. Now, to find something sharp, no more distractions. She walked off back ito the store even deeper than before, this time she was standing. Scanning the floor provided nothing but what she had seen before, so there was no point of getting on all fours again. She sniffed around and paid no real attention to the floor- which may have been her only mistake. At the time, Amara had been looking at a picture on the wall that seemed to be torn apart by some very angry hybrid with sharp claws, she moved her right foot forward and went to continue on. However, something cold had touched her foot, and she felt a tiny twinge of pain. What the hell was that? she thought before lifting her foot and looking down. Rusted and slightly broken at the handle was the very thing she was looking for, a pair of scissors! The rust on it was bad, and it was difficult to open and close, but she was strong enough to handle them. She picked them up and walked over to the glass doors where she had found the juice and soda, moving the milk back to give her room. The glass was not clean enough to see her reflection, she needed to fix that. She looked around for any sort of material soft enough to wipe the glass and came up with nothing, so she used what she had-- her shirt.

Amara removed her shirt and placed the maps on the ground beside her, exposing her bare chest and she shivered a little bit, not used to the temperature around her. She put her hand in the shirt rather like a puppet and wiped the glass off with her open palm in the shirt. When it was clean enough to be able to see herself, she shook the dirt off the shirt and put it back on, replacing the maps as well. Amara smiled at her good work, but her face had fallen at her reflection. She had not seen herself since she was a cat and was surprised at how she looked. She was beautiful, but she stood in awe at the human face she had. Amara kept her golden eyes and ears and tail, but the rest had changed substantially. She could not believe it. Once the moment past, she snapped back into focus and picked up the scissors again. With a little difficulty, she opened them and began cutting. She had spent about half an hour doing this slowly, making sure it was perfect and struggling with the scissors a bit. Once she was done, she looked at her reflection, her hair was a tad shorter than shoulder length now, and she had some bangs that hung just above her eyes. She smiled at how good of a job she had done. However, Amara had forgotten about her sister today with her adventuring, and was not currently aware that anyone could mistake her for Amayah. Now that her hair was cut, she looked exactly like her, with only two differences, her eyes and tattoo. Amara would have no idea as she abandoned the rusty scissors and went back for her juice and soda what she truely had done. She picked up her two drinks in one hand and cradeled them in her right arm like babies, it was easier to carry that way anyway. She exited the store and walked outside, she was now a good twenty feet away from the building; she sat down and put the drinks beside her. Quietly, she groomed herself and guarded her discoveries.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs.   Sat Apr 02, 2011 6:49 pm

Okomi was sitting alone in a clearing, looking at a body of water. While he was looking at the water he started to hallucinate, he started to see fire coming from the water. "What the hell?" screamed Okomi. The fire began to grow larger and the heat had raised, Okomi started to have thoughts of death. These thoughts drew Okomi to attempt to kill himself. As he stood up jumped into the imaginary fire he began to have flash backs.

The flash backs were of all the fun times Okomi had ever had. He started to remember Amayah, and the day they met, he remembered them playing hide and go seek, and the way Amayah blended into her surroundings, which was why she was so hard to find. As the flash backs ended Okomi was in the water wondering why he had not burned to death in the scorching hot fire he had thought he seen. As he stood there and wondered he started to hear footsteps....
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs.   Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:09 pm

I eat boys up
Breakfast and lunch
Then when I'm thirsty
I drink their blood

Amara heard shouting in the distance. The voice sounded distressed and confused. And male. she sniffed the air, they were not far away. Did she detect... canine? She was not sure, but she was certain there was a canine nearby. Her eyes widened, she thought of one of the males her sister warned her about. The wolf that loved to fight and was very... territorial, for lack of better words. Quickly, she grabbed her discoveries again and ran back to the building and hid them underneath a ripped up drop-sheet. When she came back out of the store, she sniffed the air again as a precautious step. The person had not moved, and by the sounds of it... they were calmer now.

Slowly and quietly, Amara began walking towards where she guessed this person was. Ahead, she saw a small body of water she told herself to remember for baths and drinking water later on. She kept walking and sniffing the air to track the canine. The closer she got, the stronger the scent got. Amara was dead certain now, it was a canine. Even more specific... she picked up the scent of... a wolf! Her golden eyes opened wide again. Was it the one Amayah had warned her about? She had no powers like Amayah for defense, but she was just as strong as Amayah. Amara began to panic a bit in her mind though, the wolf Amayah told her about was ruthless and would kill anyone without mercy; rather like Amara herself. As she drew closer, she began to wonder if it was that same wolf, she had only met a few wolves before, her last was before the war had changed her world.

Her eyes went back to normal and she kept walking. Her eyes then fell upon a small wolf. She noted he had wings. Amara's heart skipped a beat. The wolf Amayah had told her about had wings! This must have been him! She prepared herself internally for battle and prayed he would not kill her. Maybe he would think she was Amayah and would have mercy. From what Amayah had told her, they were not getting along as well now... So maybe he WOULD kill her. Or, it was possible that he would feel uncomfortable and just go on his merry way. Either way, she would have to be ready. She looked down at the wolf, hiding her inner confusion to show a casual and calm face. Amara was not sure what to say at this moment, so she remained standing there silently looking at him. She dug deep down to try and find some words to say, and hoped maybe he would break the silence.




~"I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?" -L~
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs.   

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It's Raining Cats and Dogs.
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