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 Zombeh Dream

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PostSubject: Zombeh Dream   Sat Mar 05, 2011 1:54 pm

So, I was in an open, rural area. I take it I was probably helping the local farmer with something--when one night, warn and silent--large banging on the door started. Unsure what to do, I ran up to the highest shelf and perched myself up with a shotgun in hand. Wails and groans could be heard coming from the animal herd, and the farmer woke up and found his way to the door with his own shotgun in hand as well.
Just before opening the door, a hand broke a small area of the door in and grabbed his shoulder, violently shaking him back and forth the being behind the door kept banging with the other hand. Dazed for a second, teh farmer let out a scream of pain as his shoulder was being practically torn from the socket, but he pointed the gun at the arm poking through the hole in the door and shot it off. The what seems to be a old, grody, almost skinless hand feel to the floor with a thump, but it jerked around a few times before actually coming to a halt. However, the being on teh other side let no scream at this, in fact it just kept continuing to bash itself on the door as if nothing happened.
Getting off my perch, I walked to the farmer to see if he was okay. No blood, just mild bruising left from the hand's harsh strength. Then, on the count of 5, the farmer opened the door, and I shot right at the head of....a zombie, it seemed to be. No blood appeared, just skin and tissue flying everywhere backwards. It's head stayed on the body, but the gunshot shot off a good chunk of his face. That was teh end of that. A little white ball appeared afterwords, which I reached and grabbed. It flew into me, giving me a bit of a rejuvinating feel.
Looking out into the open, after giving the farmer the clear sign to come out from being the door, we saw that the whole farm was being overrun by them, but they didn't exactly react to the sound of teh gunshot. So what was it they were after, how did they react? I never learned.

In a timeskip later on, I find myself in a underwater cavern with a few friends of mine, all of us teenagers, all of us who know well of the experience. Oh, and an adult, too. The below sea ruins was full of illogical things. For one thing, we had perfect source of air and teh water was being held back by invisible walls. If you put your hand through the wall you'd be able to perfectly feel teh water, go in it, even touch a fish.There were floating platforms, usually of a deep, dark blue shade of rock with green residue hanging off of it, which was a slight teal tint really, because of the blue lighting.
Venturing deeper into the cave, the group and I discovered a lot...A LOOOT of lying corpses on the ground. All of them were almost full skeletons, while others were the mixture of three or more people into one body. We whispered amongst eachother in a room a few meters back and came to descide that we would keep out weapons out [[Oh, did I mention from all the collecting those white spheres, the souls of those now dead a second time, we gained a biiiit of superhuman abilities. All of which depended on the person's personality.]] as we tiptoed across the room. We must be silent, we must be stealthy.
Finally taking a final vote, we also believed that it would be smart to go two at a time. There were 6 of us and the adult, so if two got in trouble while out there, at least they'd have eachother if seperated from the group somehow by the damned monsters we relate to zombies.
Going two by two, we let one girl and one boy go together. They creeped slowly past them with ease, not a single one waking. They waited at the end for us. Now it was my turn. I stealthily walked in a complex path around many of the zombies carefully, with a girl behind my back. She was a tsundere, I swear. She /never/ converses with anyone but the adult. Looking back she was gone, looking forward she was already waiting for me on the other side with the couple that went prior to us. With a mental sigh, I continued until I finally reached the destination. The adult, the last girl, and the last boy would go. Now, I know I said that everyone in here was aroudn teh same teenage age. I lied--well, not lied--but I forgot to say that there /was/ a younger one here. She was about 9 years of age, I suppose. She stayed around the adult alot, too. The adult, to me, isn't really that important a character and barely ever uses his powers in combat. He's always seducing the girls, too. Damn pedophile. He's not that attractive if you ask me, but whatever.

He let the younger couple go first before following himself. I think he was thinking he'd be there to take down any of the enemies on that far end if anything happened.
To my surprise, it did. ...But not in a very pleasant way. The adult paused for a second, as the little girl barely made it to our end. Then, just before the last boy could make it over, the adult figure screamed. He screamed LOUDLY. Awakening EVERY little piece of zombie in this room. The teenage boy's leg was gripped by a boney hand strongly, jerking him to the floor. The boy screamed, attracting all of the zombies--well, so we assumed. Zombies didn't always attract to sound, we've had tests of this. The boy fired off what seemed to be neon colored lazers at the zombies, tearing a few to shreds. But it was ineffective in saving his own life. It angered the zombies to the point where they dug their disgusting, decrepit hands into his pale, soft skin, tearing it among uneven lines, tainting his skin a deep crimson as we all watched. The optimist girl, the first one to have made it over, had her tiny hands covering her mouth as she gasped under her breath at the scene. As his bloody screams filled the air, soon choking and hacking on his own red liquid, the others decided it would be best to leave after collecting the sprites. The little girl did that with her own power. Since she was too small to be able to fight and fragile, she was given the ability to use a little white yo-yo to collect the spirits without actually having to touch them physically like the rest of them.
Maniaclly, the betraying adult ....he brought in 3 other dudes and they all chased us aroudn teh place.
the tsundere and the optimistic girl died and then the other boys died, too. It was just me and the loli girl, until this black chick with a 'fro came up and helped us. We killed alot of the zombies and found out the spirits are being sent to the afterword but the bad guys want them to create a supergod to control the world. With our comrades dead, two of the 3 dudes brought in died too. So we just had to kill of teh betrayer and the dude still alive.

Finding our way to the top of the ruin after collecting the left souls, we were at a harbor, inside a covered dock while it was raining outside. ...THE END.

Furai Matsudai
- Avian/Winged Mammal

Says: "A-Ano..."

- Feline

Says:"Yo~ *Giggle*"
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Zombeh Dream
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