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 Hidden Potential

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PostSubject: Hidden Potential   Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:55 pm

Hidden Potential

Nuclear Energy able to be rerouted into three factors. These three factors are innate abilities granted to the user by unlocking their hidden potential. This hidden potential can be unlocked by visiting a Firefly, Frostmoth, or Thunderbeetle. These beings usually live in every major city, and shouldn't be too hard to find. Collectively, Fireflies, Frostmoths, and Thunderbeetles are referred to in history as Druids, Shamans, Priests, Holy Men, and another wide range of terms. Specifically, each can grant a new ability.

Fireflies are able to grant the trainee the ability to generate and control Fire, aka Pyrokinesis. This is generally the easiest ability to learn because of it's close ties with Radioactivity. These techniques are mainly to enhance offensive ability, with very few defensive or bodily enhancement capabilities.

Electrokinesis is the mid-level skill able to be attained. This is the ability to create and control electricity from within the body. These techniques are usually for enhancing the user's body, such as increasing speed and strength or augmenting strikes with electricity.

The Frostmoths have the special ability most difficult to learn. Cyrokinesis the ability to create and manipulate Ice. This is the most difficult ability to learn because Ice is on the exact opposite side of the spectrum as Radioactivity. Some claim that this ability is only a myth, simply as it's so rare. Ice is mainly used as defence, with a few offensive and very little bodily enhancing abilities.

Once a certain level of mastery is obtaned over the skill that one wishes, their body shuts down. They go into a coma-like state as their body refurbishes itself. As this is happening, the comatose body is covered in a caccoon of whatever element the user has mastery over. When the caccoon hatches (after the user goes through an intense level of pain) they will awaken with a strange tattoo on their back, arm, etc. This tattoo symbolizes the mastery of the element, and allows for total manipulation of that element from inside of them. Only the best Druids, Shamans, etc have them.

Restrictions and Price
Of course, you can't just learn all of these abilities for free. To even have the shop opened to you, you must find the NPC in a thread with me. After that, you will be added to the group that allows for you to see the Shaman Circle, a board of shops that allow for the purchase of these abilities. In order to buy these abilities, you must pay a price out of your radioactivity meter as well as train for it in a thread with an NPC Firefly, Frostmoth, or Thunderbeetle. Be warned... If you piss them off, they will attack you, and most likely kill them. This is a very difficult process and could EASILY result in your death.

As you may or may not be aware, at 500 and 1000 points in your Radioactivity meter you are able to purchase a transformation. If you have Mastery over Pyrokinesis, Cyrokinesis, or Electrokinesis, these will affect your transformations and change it if you have it already, as well as warp it if you don't. Fair warning: Everyone reacts to these changes differently. There is a small chance (VERY SMALL) that you could die from undergoing one of these enhanced transformations.

Example Prices
To become a master, one must either spend 5000 points in it at once or attain 5 abilities that cost over 1000 points. Some examples of these powers and their prices include:

-Comet Punch: This is the ability to cover your hand in an intense fire and strike your opponent with it, causing massive burn damage. A double-edged sword, If used for too long or too many times in succession, it will cause third degree burns to the users hands. Lasts four posts with a cooldown of two. Costs 300 points

-Frozen Skin: A thin layer of ice covers the users body, letting them take damage for a time without it hurting them too much and actually causing the attacker physical pain if they struck with bare skin. A double-edged sword, if left on for too long or used too much in succession, it will cause frost bite. Lasts four posts with a 2 post cooldown. Costs 300 points.

-Recharge: Electricity courses through the users body, giving them an increase in speed and strength, as well as reenergizes them and allows for their adrenaline to flow highly, allowing them to ignore pain. A double-edged sword, if used too long or too many times in succession, it will leave the users muscles incredibly tense forever and may even paralyze them. Lasts four posts with a cooldown of 2. Costs 300 points.

*In order to apply for gaining one of these powers, you must pm Myself and ask. In the pm you must state what faction you are applying for. Each faction has a different set of prerequisites.

Firefly - A starting post count of 100, a thread with myself to find the Shaman consisting of 10 posts, stripped of all weapons.

Thunderbeetle - A starting post count of 100, a thread with myself to find the Shaman consisting of 15 posts, stripped of all weapons.

Frostmoth - A starting post count of 100, a thread with myself to find the Shaman consisting of 20 posts, stripped of all weapons.*

-Written and created by Urufu.




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Hidden Potential
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