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 Akahane [completed]

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PostSubject: Akahane [completed]   Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:33 pm

Name: Akahane (Bloody feathers)

Age: 14



Akahane is a tomboy-ish type of girl. Even though she wears girly clothes, she is not to be underestimated. She is incredibly witty and if demanded a fight, will gladly oblige. Akahame does not find fighting all that exciting but her skills are second to none.


Akahane never fitted in with her classmates in grade school, they always singled her out and wanted to have nothing to do with her. At least, thats how it appeared to Akahane. So she leaped from grade to grade, attaching herself to some people but in the end, theyd always find a way to drift out of her life.

All alone, Akahane did nothing over the summer and winter breaks between school. She sat alone during field trips, and at lunch time. Over the years, she began to hate her class. Just because she was different from them, just because she was better than all of them at just about anything. That all changed during her grade 8 year.

Both the grade 8 classes had arranged to scheduel an end of the year filed trip. The destination was set for a local park. There, Akahane went off to explore on her own.

At that time, she as did everyone else in canada, knew nothing about the missile heading straight for them. Continuing her promenade, she found an injured bird laying on the grass beside a large pine needle tree. Picking it up, Akahane noticed that it was a Cardinal, and that it's left wing had been stabbed by a sharp twig.

"Poor little guy" she said aloud. Then, it was as if time, space, and gravity had stopped all at once. Akahame felt nothing as if she was frozen with Novacaine. She blacked out and when she woke up again, her world as she knew it was gone...

Animalistic Traits:

Medium red feathered wings, sharpened and hardened nails & toenails, somewhat pointed strong teeth, greatly enhanced speed, enhanced endurance, advanced hearing, better sight, quickened alertness and reaction time.

Original Animal: Cardinal (bird)

Starter weapon: talons and hooked nails.

Fun fact about my character:

Even though she has wings and is able to fly, she rarely uses them. They mainly remain folded up behind her back.[/color]

Roleplay Sample:

Nezumi Pachikuro

"BANG!" Nezumi jumped at the sound. What was that!? she wondered. Looking around, she figured the sound had to come from inside the structure. "Oh, I get it" she said with a giggle. "You want to play hide and seek with me." Walking over next to the shelter, she banged back on the metal surface, giggling once again.


Nezumi stopped at the reply. "Ohh" she said. "I see." She looked down at her hands. They were gripping her Hatchet. She narrowed her eyes and frowned. "If you want out, " she started in a serious tone, "Then stand back..."


Nezumi walked around the structure, examining it for a weak spot. She placed one of her hands across the smooth surface of the metal. Tapping here and there, she pressed her ear against the material listening closely for a hollow noise. Making her way to the back side of the structure, she finally found a good spot. She prepared to swing. Raising her arms high above her head, she did as a golfer would, saying FOURR! She swung the hatchet from the side of her body to the metal.


"Wheee!~" Nezumi said as she raised the hatchet and landed another blow into the already severely dented wall. She giggled. "This is fun" She called to the being inside. She gave a huge smile as she raised the hatchet again, pounding it into the metal.


Nezumi got ready to make the final blow. Taking a step back, she aimed the hatchet back beside her. The blade pointing straight, she took a deep breath, channeling all her strength into her arms. Then, like a baseball player would swing to hit a baseball, she plowed the hatchet into the metal, knocking out a huge portion of the wall.


Nezumi took a few moments to look at the being. Not quite sure of what sex it was, she walked over. "Hiya" she said with a grin. "My names Nezumi, what's yours?

I am nothing but a delicate flower.*
If these outstretched hands
Are also a
Then there's no need for your kind words.
The decorated hollow space
Like this body,
It doesn't matter if it's broken and shattered.
Keep dancing for eternity.~



Nezumi Puchikuro
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Head Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Akahane [completed]   Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:47 pm

Approved and such. ~ I have to go, so, you move it XD
(It will lag if I click it)




~"I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?" -L~
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Akahane [completed]
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