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 Raven nightstrom

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PostSubject: Raven nightstrom    Sun Aug 22, 2010 3:25 am

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name:Raven Nightstrom


Appearance:Even though he may be a mixture of a bunch of animals he has one appearance and not changing unless by radioactivity. He has grey skin with a cheetah pattern. He has human legs that are very thick and a mop of black hair. He wears a jacket black. His arm are thick and has lizard claws. His teeth are stronger than bone and very very sharp. he has monkey tail thats super powered.

Personality:He is mixed personalities whether its because of the bunch of life forms that make him or just him it is unknown.Anger issues may describe him easily if you piss him off you better run.He actually tell a joke every once in awhile or show signs of a human soul.

As his new self he will take things in as he sees them if a bandit charges at him with a sword he will see enemy and charge.He will never retreat EVER! Before the war he worked at a carnival and everyone loved him.He was a juggler but know his life took a turn. He will never show signs of his old life thinking its a weakness.

Background:It was a cool afternoon and at the carnival Raven was practicing in front of his family. He was practicing juggling while standing on a rhino next to a elephant. Raven stood on the rhino and a monkey on the elephant the monkey and him juggled. while a cheetah walked around them.He had his pet lizard Iggy sitting on his shoulder. ravens brother robin and his mom went over to the car to get ravens gift. While they were gone it happened there was a explosion that sent all the animals and a bee and raven flying his family incinerated.

Raven woke up he must have gotten knocked off and he felt really funny.... that's when he saw the tail and fainted.When he woke up again he stood up and looked himself up and down he must have mixed with all the animals he thought.He walked around using his new strength to throw boulders around. Ravens stomach growled
"" he said.He walked around looking for food. He found what was left of the carnival the only thing that was left was a half scorched sandwich which disappeared after awhile.
"dumb frickin Germans" he whispered. He always blamed the Germans ever since they sent his dad off to a place to scout and he died there Then they moved to Japan.

He walked towards one thing and one thing only forward. He hadn't bean lucky enough to find food so he was hungry. He tried his bee wings they were surprisingly strong enough to carry him. He stopped by a cave taking a moment to stop and use his nose to smell danger none. He fell asleep curled up in a corner of a cave. The next morning he awoke to voices.
"This little freak will taste so YUMMY" one creature said or more of hissed.
"yes yes my brother yes yes ill eat the bottom half and you can eat the top" The other said hissing.One walked up to Raven opened his mouth and was about to eat ravens head. Raven quickly lunged with his head and bit off the snake persons head he died. Raven then quickly rushed toward the other snake person and grabbed with one hand the lizards chest and the other the head and yanked it off.He walked out of the cave chewing snake head.
"not so bad" he whispered.

He mostly ran on all fours like he was doing at the moment running around what ever place he was at. He stopped by a building and sat down leaning against the wall. He had over stretched pants on his legs no shoes a rough black jacket as a shirt. He was a new him no jokes no family. Yes dangerous power limits and seemingly unlimited power.He wasn't raven anymore he was a new him.

He went walked forward and forward over water and land. There was little water so his big body was able to walk through. Luckily he found land some where.
"Lets see I started in japan somewhere and went straight in a direction over a vast body of water and found land now where am I ?" He said in a whisper.He was lost with no known spot to go. he thought of where to go. He continued to walk now where he wanted not straight. He went off .

Animalistic Traits:
He has a horn instead of a nose. He has rough skinand can run in a straight line real fast. grey skin with a cheetah pattern. Really fast at running . Enhanced senses and a monkey tail that is more stronger than raven himself. He can use his mouth as a trunk of a elephant.He will have wings plus the power of raven. He has a dogs fur on his head making his hair.

Original Animal:Bear,lizard,cheatah,rhino,dog,elephant,and monkey

Starter weapon:
Soft club

Roleplay Sample: "STOP IT!!!" The little boy said to the bully with his teddy bear that he was ripping.
"This is what you get for eating my chip" The bully replied shortly before the mysterious figure flew out of nowhere kicking the bully in the chest.
"OW" the bully said.
"YAH" the little by said as he grabbed the bear kicked the bully and ran.
"pathetic" the mysterious figure said as he jumped on the bully and pulled out a samurai sword.
"What are you gonna do to me" The bully said
"I'm ridding the world of evil and that includes bullies" the mysterious figure said as he put the sword in the bully's chest.
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PostSubject: Re: Raven nightstrom    Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:10 pm

The limit for starting animals was 3 my friend.

Please edit
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Raven nightstrom
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