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PostSubject: Nariko   Nariko I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 24, 2010 6:16 pm

Human-Animal Hybrid



Nariko Nariko
From his feet to the top of his head, Nariko is about 5'3. There aren't too many well defined muscles on him, and he's pretty slim. He isn't the biggest guy around, but he's quick. His hair is just long enough to cover his ears, and is a white gray colour, with big black ears atop his head. He has white skin, not quite pale, but not tan either, with no blemishes. His eyes are big with a light grey colouration. A black dog's tail sticks out from behind him.

Nariko's clothing is all black. He likes that colour. Other then the standard shirt, pants, and shoes, Nariko wears black gloves with the fingers missing, and has a chain hanging from his left hip. Everything is finished off by a black collar around his neck, with a silver tag saying nothing other then "Chikiba".

Personality:Nariko is a relatively nice guy. He doesn't like to start fights, and will generally try to avoid them whenever possible. However, should he find himself in a fight, he will not run and hide. He will stay and fight. That goes double when there is another person on his side during the fight. Nariko has the overwhelming urge to do two things in a fight where others are present. The first is to protect the other person, with all his might. The second is to not embarras himself by losing miserably or doing something stupid.

Because of his years spent alone, whenever Nariko makes friends, he attaches to them greatly. He'd do anything for his friends. If they need anything, he will try his best to find it for them. If they ask him for anything, he will try his hardest to do it for them. Should something happen to them, he tries to fix it. Even if he knows he can't do it, he at least tries anyways.

Background:Nariko was only five years old when the threats of war started being spread around. He was very young, and didn't know much about the world other then the city in wich he lived. All he knew was that his parents watched the news a lot. The news talked a lot about how the leaders of the European countries had gone mad, demanding that America and Asia surrender all their land to Europe. When Nariko asked his parents about it, they simply told him that it would be alright, that they didn't live in America nor Asia. Canada would not be a major player in this, so they would be fine.

His parents had seemed slightly worried when they said this, but to his five-year-old mind, his parents saying everything would be fine meant that everything would be fine. All Nariko could do was sit there with his best friend Charlie beside him, and watch the news with them.

A few months after the rumours had started circulating. It was announced that the war had begun. World War III was here. Travel from North America to Europe had been banned, all exports and imports were ceased.

The news was always talking about the war now. Everyday, the big story was something about the war. But as long as Charlie was there, Nariko was okay. Whenever Nariko would sit with Charlie and pet him, everything felt like it was going to be fine.

One day, the news was different. The news anchor looked slightly panicked, as he told the public from behind his desk about a missile heading in our direction. It would only be a few minutes before the missile hit its target. He concluded his speech, said goodbye to the world, then the news ended. All there was on the screen was white snow.

Nariko's father stood up, and he told everyone to go to the basement. Nariko grabbed Charlie, and they both went down to the basement with Mother and Father. All four of them sat there in the basement, cherishing their last minutes on Earth.

Sounds could be heard outside. As everyone realized that the world was coming to an end, all rules ceased to exist. Even some police officers stopped caring about the law. Riots broke out everywhere, shoppes were robbed and destroyed, fires were started just for the hell of it. Screams could be heard outside from everything that was going on. Nariko hugged Charlie tightly, with the intent of never letting him go. His best friend was a black lab, but he wasn't ashamed. Charlie was the best friend a guy could get.

Suddenly, everything stopped. There wasn't anymore sound outside. It was like the entire world had gone mute suddenly. Then there there was a blinding white light. Nariko wasn't sure what was happening. He didn't feel any pain. In fact, he didn't feel anything at all. He wasn't sure what was going on, or even where he was. Was this the end of the world? Was he only allowed 6 short years of life?

Nariko woke up in a pile of ruble. How long had he been passed out? What had even happened? He stood up. Something was wrong though. Something was... different. He noticed that he could see better. And the smells! It was like he had the smelling ability of a dog. But that would be impossible... right? Nariko looked down at his body. It looked slightly different. He ran a hand through his hair. It wasn't just his hair though. His ears were on top of his head, and they were bigger, like dog ears. He realized that there was something coming out from behind him. After a bit of investigation, he discovered that he now had a tail. It would seem that he was now part dog. He wasn't sure how, but he did know that he had somehow survived the impact of the missile. He also knew another thing. Charlie was still with him, in his heart.

His parents had not survived the missile, and none of his friends either. He was on his own for the time being. He would just have to search for other survivors.

Many years passed. Nariko had found a building that seemed somewhat solid still, and had lived in its basement. Every day, Nariko would go for a walk, searching for food, water, or other survivors of the missile. He definitely wasn't the only person in the world that had survived the impact. He knew he wasn't, and it was just a matter of time before he found some others.

Animalistic Traits:Dog ears, Dog tail, Greater speed, Heightened hearing, smell and sight, Sharper teeth, Harder and sharper nails.

Original Animal:Black Lab

Starter weapon:Small Dagger

Roleplay Sample:Chewy looked the demon in the face. If it wanted to get by, it would have to go through him first. And he didn't plan on going down easily.

"You plan on not letting me get by?"

The demon laughed at Chewy.

"Fucking right I do! Your life ends here."

Chewy responded.

"In that case, I suppose I'll have to dispose of you before continuing."

The demon lunged at Chewy. Chewy jumped up to evade the attack, but the demon quickly attacked again from below. He hit hard, the impact crushing his right leg.

Chewy countered the demons attack, but it dodged it, then attacked once again from behind. This hit struck his left shoulder, causing massive damage. If Chewy wanted to not die here, he was going to have to finish this fight quick, before the demon could land another devastating blow. He would need to think of a plan, and fast. He had it! A fool proof plan!

"Look! A distraction!"

"What? Where!?"

The demon looked behind him, looking for the distraction. Chewy picked this moment to leap up and kick him with his good foot in the back of the head. Bursting out in tears, the demon fled from Chewy.

"Well, that's that. And so ends another day in bullshit land."

Chewy felt accomplished as he limped home, his leg and shoulder still severely injured.

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PostSubject: Re: Nariko   Nariko I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 24, 2010 10:32 pm

Approved, bro~
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