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 Dace W.I.P.

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PostSubject: Dace W.I.P.   Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:15 am

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Dace Tenkura

Age: 17, animal age 25.


Personality: Dace is a guy who learned how to be bad, he learned how to take care of himself. He learned how to not care for others. That is why he thrives in this new world. He will be a theif to get what he needs then to steal and be caught and lose the reward running.

He does show kindness, for those with cold blood like his. His cold blooded heritage now only spreads to reptilians. He also learned what pain and hate were pretty fast living in his city. Yet after living there he now feels like he will never feel the same again, from large population to almost nothing.


Animalistic Traits: Nothing, other then being able to shed his skin like a snake, yet it only takes him about a minute, being able to dislodge his jaw, and having a poison sack in his throat, and sharp fangs to direct this poison.

Original Animal: Snake

Starter weapon: Dagger

Roleplay Sample: His smoking bulk nearly filled the circle. His great leathery wings could not extend to their fullest, else they would have crossed the boundary line where the fiend could not pass. Errtu clawed at the stone and issued a guttural growl, threw back his huge ugly head and laughed maniacally. then the balor suddenly calmed, and looked forward, his knowing eyes boring into the gaze of Drizzt Do'Urden.

Many years had passed since Drizzt had looked upon mighty Errtu, but the ranger surely recognized the fiend. His ugly face seemed a cross between a dog and ape, and his eyes--- especially those eyes---were black pits of evil, sometimes wide with outrage and red with flame, sometimes narrow slanted, intense slits promising hellish tortures. Yes, Drizzt remembered Errtu well, remembered their desperate fight on the side of Kelvin's Cairn those years before.

The ranger's scimitar, the one he had taken from the white dragon's lair, seemed to remember the fiend, too, for Drizzt felt it calling to him, urging him to draw it forth and strike at the balor again that it might feed upon Errtu's fiery heart. That blade had been forged to battle creatures of fire, and seemed particularly eager for the smoking flesh of a fiend.

Errtu continued to chuckle, then with terrifying speed, the great fiend lashed out toward Drizzt with its many-thonged whip. The weapon snapped forward, then stopped fast in midair, as though it had hit a wall, and indeed it had.

"You cannot send your weapons, your flesh, or your magic through the barrier, Errtu" Cadderly said calmly---the old priest seemed not shaken in the least by the true Tanar'ri.

To be continued in a later rp sample......
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Dace W.I.P.
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