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 The rules

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Join date : 2010-08-09

PostSubject: The rules   Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:21 pm


I expect all of these rules to be followed. These rules have information regarding Characters, Teams, Roleplaying on this forum, housing, and events.

1.) One paragraph per character per post! I want some actual writing to go on here~

2.) No flaming/disrespect
Please don't disrespect anyone. If you have something to say to someone, do it in a PM. Do not flame them on the chatbox.

3.) Only 3 characters per account.
This is to make sure that you use all of your characters, and not some. Keep in mind though, that you can have unlimited accounts.

4.) If you own a house, you must always start your thread in that house, or relatively close to your house. If you wish to have more then one house, please apply for a new one in a new area. Maximum of two houses per character.

5.) No one's house may be in Australia, and none may enter Australia until the first event. In fact, it's Locked.

6.) Keep mature things in the mature guys. At the very least, put a Rating in the thread name. If it's going to be M for mature, put m for mature in the name. If I see anything too heavy without the proper rating, Imma bitch.

7.) You can make any form of amalgamation you want, as long as nothing is too wrong. There are no "superpowers" here, meaning no lazers, instant regeneration, fireballs, etc. At least, none to begin with. Remember that. No charizards because they have a flaming tail tip, etc. More then one animal into your fusion is acceptable. Just make sure you have a good reason for touching those animals. Currently, there is a max of 2 creatures fused with the original.

8.) No godmodding!
This means making your character autohit, controlling another character, or making your attack undodgeable, etc.

9.) If you have an open thread for longer then one week and no one joins it, it shall thenceforth be closed and archived.

10.) No posting in a thread with yourself, unless it's a training thread (Admin permission only) or an item searching thread.

11.) NO KILLING YOUR OWN CHARACTERS! Don't like them? Don't make them. Let someone else kill them for you, but you can't do it yourself.
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Head Admin

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Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: The rules   Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:15 pm

And as we all know, every site and civilization needs some form of rules. These are basic, so PLEASE follow them. If I see stuff on here that is not being followed, I will nag your sorry ass (I don't sugarcoat things for you).

1-0: Staff members are required to fully explain to the subject what they did wrong before subjecting them into the appropriate punishment. After punishment, the wrong done by the subject is forbidden to be used upon the subject. Any wrong done upon the subject after the subject has done the same before will be subjected to a ban of a week from BOTH chats, or with demotion implemented if done by a staff member.

1-1: Do not bring up discussable topics in which would incite a mass argument. Inciting mass argument will be punishable by an hour ban, continuation will be subjected to two and if after three hour ban without consideration of what happened before, the subject will be subjected to account termination.

1-2: Do not disrespect the staff members, if there is something wrong, do so maturely and quietly. Disrespect will result in double the ban time such as two hours, four hours and eight hours before account termination.

1-3: Do not disrespect members, regardless of positions of seniority. The ban time if such an act sufficed the necessity will be one hour to three hours or account termination if it continued after third ban.

1-4: Do not regard oneself as important; within this forum, no one is important, only one who leads and ones who follow. Ban is never necessary at this point unless the majority of the group called for it.

1-5: All accusations must not be brought up in public; instead, file the accusation via Private Messaging system within the forum. Any punishment put into action without notifying the accused and the staff will be subjected to demotion as an act of power abuse.

2-0: Godmodding is never tolerated. Any application that is godmod material will be denied and placed in Type 1 Denial. Any action within role-play that is considered godmod will be subjected to automatic failure and the victim’s automatic survival. Ignoring this rule will be considered disrespecting the Staff and thus treated as “Code 1-2.” The only way it is not a crime is as if the Staff are notified of it with acceptable consent by the victim and approval of the Admin.

2-1: Metagaming has little tolerance. Any use of knowledge outside the character for beneficial gains will be subjected to Moderator Intervention, meaning that one Moderator is given Administrative permission to edit the post containing such knowledge. Multiple counts of it will result in Kidnapping, the manner in which a Templar intervenes and takes the character away before that character’s application is placed into Type 1 Denial for a week.

2-2: Applied to all characters and players that any legal direct action that is ignored will count as a successful sneak attack, which is allowed regardless of potential problems.

2-3: Should an attack be blocked, it is blocked, but within reason. If it is poorly explained or absurd, it will be treated as “Code 2-0.”

2-4: Posting order is a must, so it is considered respectful to ask the thread author for entry and which position. If denied entry, the rejected has the rights to know why and if denied an explanation or was told absurdity, the thread author will be subjected to “Code 1-3” regardless if it was a staff or not. Any sudden entry into a thread will be treated as “Code 1-3.”

2-5: All combat-related action count will be only restricted to three times per round. Any more than that will have to be either reasonable free action or treated as “Code 2-0.”

2-6: It is required that each user/character must have a minimum of one paragraph per character per post! I want some actual writing and good detail to go on here please!~

2-7: It is asked that if you own a house or some land, you must always start your thread in that house/land, or near to your home/land. If you wish to have more then one house, please apply for a new one in a new area. Maximum of two houses per character, and one piece of land (depending on the size). Also no countries or entire oceans/seas may be claimed for one character, unless you have taken it over in a battle. In which case, please post the thread of this battle in with your house template. ~

2-8: I would please ask you to keep mature things in the mature boards, guys. At the very least, put a Rating in the thread name. If it's going to be M for mature, put m for mature in the name. If I see anything too heavy without the proper rating, Imma bitch hardcore. Keep in mind I moniter most threads and things posted on this site, do not think you can slide it by me or other admins/mods.

2-9: Weapons; As you all know, you may only have three weapons to start out with, and I expect that to be followed. HOWEVER, since the land and so on is still in pretty good shape, there are obviously still some other weapons and such laying about (such as matches, flashlights, etc.). If later on, in a thread, you happen to stumble upon these, you may keep them...BUT I will not accept any guns, lazers, and heavy machinery. All weapons you find or make must be approved by me and me only. DON'T think you can sneak guns on here, you will be punished.

2-10:NO KILLING YOUR OWN CHARACTERS! (That is just plain laziness) Don't like them? Don't freakin' make them. Let someone else kill them for you.


3-1: I ask that you have only 5 characters per account.
This is because often, people get confused in who they need to use and so on, and will be a little easier on the point system. Please keep in mind though, that you can have unlimited accounts.

3-2: If you have an open thread or topic for longer then one week and no one joins it, it shall be closed on you, and archived.

3-3: Please, no posting in a thread with yourself, (this includes your other accounts - do not try and cheat thinking I won't notice the different names) unless given permission by an admin.

3-4: It is please asked that you have a minimum of two paragraphs (10 sentences) per post. I would like to have something to actually go on, please make your posts as detailed as possible, it is helpful to those posting, and to those reading. Thank you, and have fun!

-Writen by UHCM, modified Amayah.




~"I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?" -L~
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The rules
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