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PostSubject: Harimanne   Fri Sep 03, 2010 10:16 pm

Animal-Human Hybrid
Name: Harimanne
Age: 14

Appearance: Harimanne stand at a slim, lanky build of 6’10. Her skin is pure white, and she has long black hair that hangs past her behind. She has a black collar around her neck and normally has her eyes half closed. Harimanne has two 3 inch fangs and two very large bat wings protruding from her back; normally she keeps them out.

She wears a tight leather strapless shirt with two buckles connecting in the front with long black gloves that stretch all the way up her arms. For bottoms she wears a simple black bikini bottom with leather boots; one which goes all the way up to her thigh on her right leg, and just past her ankle on her left leg.

Personality: Harimanne is the type to shut out others; very mono emotional. She often doesn’t speak to people, and when she does, what you see is what you get; hardly a thrilling conversation. Often she is seen crouching on telephone poles, or some sort of structure where she can keep an eye on things. She had a quiet life, without much excitement…and if it were up to her; it would stay peaceful forever.

Harimanne likes to call herself a succubus; she loves the fact that her demonic fantasy had come true. This is one thing she likes about herself; and the only thing. Often when insulted or otherwise provoked, Harimanne will stop at nothing to prove to you that she isn’t some innocent little girl. She also hates being called young, small or having others tell her she can’t do it. Harimanne is often sits around staring at one area for long periods of time; without blinking, just a dead glare…hating her life.

Background: Harimanne lived a simple life; wake up, eat, sleep, and do it all again the next night. She never made any friends, for she didn’t want any friends. She wasn’t very sociable normally; and often shooed away other creatures. She didn’t feel friends were a smart choice to have; all you do is worry about them and miss them, how miserable.

After years of being on her own and doing things her way, Harimanne decided it was high time she went somewhere else for a change of scenery. She flew half way around the world, to England. She had always wanted to see what it was like there, it was gorgeous. She snuck into a hotel and hid in their chimney; it was warm there and blocked the light in the day time.

One day she was taking a nap when she heard a sudden uproar. Everyone within miles were screaming and hollering about dying. She listened closely to some humans in panic, and found out they were all being bombed and it was the end for everyone. The end for us all, she thought in confusedly. Well, at least she had a good run, might at well do one more thing before dying, she thought with a snicker.

Harimanne flew as fast as she could towards the nearest human, he was frozen with fear. Heh, this should be fun, she thought hungrily. Quickly she sat on his shoulder, waiting for the beautiful music he was about to make. Nothing had happened. What the hell, she thought.

Moving over on his shoulder, getting a closer look; she realized he was so scared he was in his own world. The poor guy, she thought. Was she feeling…sympathetic? No…no, that can’t be. But it was, she had actually felt bad for him. Just as she was about to fly away, the sky went dark and a sonic boom was all that could be heard. Everything went black, she was out. Was she dead? After what seemed like forever, she had woken up…but something felt wrong. “What the hell?”

As she looked down at herself she realized that her body was a lot heavier, she had fused with the frightened man. “NOO!” she thought. She was supposed to die, and now she is part human. Though she thought her new form was very nice looking, she was still angry. She had expected death and welcomed it with open arms, what the fuck was this bullshit; she thought angrily.

Humanic Traits: Human intelligence, Smell, Speech, Sight.

Original Humans Name: unknown

Starter Weapon: A long horsewhip tucked in her right boot.

Roleplay Sample:
It was near midnight and the sky was as pitch black as Amayah’s hair. Amayah awoke with her usual yawn and arching her back. It was her time once more, off to explore. This time however, she was not herself. Amayah was one very unhappy girl. All of this time and she had not found a single opponent to take her anger out on, this was unacceptable. She wanted someone to fight, and she wanted it now, she was done waiting.

She thought of Urufu and contemplating on finding him, but she decided ruining that connection was foolish, he could be useful. Amayah’s thoughts then turned toward the ‘vampire’ boy, he seemed very tough, but he could also be useful; besides he seemed to like me, she thought.

Amayah got down on all fours and ran all over town, she had to find someone. Now. After half an hour of running a dead end search she laid down a moment to rest. There just had to be some idiot around here I can take, she thought angrily. Her eyes stung slightly, she closed them tight. When she re-opened them they glowed a bright red. She was that mad.

Amayah knew in her heart now that she would stop at nothing to get the fight she craved. Even if it meant getting killed, she wouldn’t leave this world without one last brawl. Amayah decided to get more prepared for her battle. She got up again and ran into a hardware store, or the remains of one, and she knew exactly what to do because this was Canada, her country, her home. Most of the things in the building were destroyed, what Amayah needed was weapons, her pathetic jack knife wouldn’t do.

She looked around the place and found nothing but rusty scrap metal and some charred store documents; these were of no use to her. What the fuck am I going to use, she thought. Enraged at the lack of useful items she began throwing large pieces of metal around, some pieces almost as large as her. At this point Amayah hoped she awoke someone and she hoped it was a predator.

She knew no one was around but it didn’t stop her from growling; “Bring it bitches, bring it!” Amayah was angry at the world, and there wasn’t anything anyone could do now. With every item she threw her anger just kept coming, it was controlling her every move and it was stopping at nothing.

Once Amayah had run out of things to toss around within her reach she started breathing loudly, her hot, greedy breath filled the air. She began ripping apart the walls with her long claws, cutting through to pipes and slashing at nearby counters. She screamed angrily at the empty store. “Come get me! Come find me! Come on you fucking little pussies, come get me! I’m waiting, bitches!” she roared. There has only been one time in her life that she was ever this mad, and that was the day her mother had told her she wasn’t going to amount to anything.

Her mother was raised in a pet shop and often had she seen her friends sold because they were cute or had nice personalities or were playful. Amayah was very playful usually, but it takes her a long time to trust the person first, unless she’s told it’s her friends friend. As for cute or a nice personality she wasn’t sure how others saw her, but her mother clearly didn’t think it was good enough. Amayah had stopped for a moment after yelling loudly to no one.

Thinking about how her mother pushed her away like that fed her anger more, if it was even possible. Amayah couldn’t put her feelings into words to shout at the moment, for there was just so much to be angry at, and so many words she could use. She just took a moment to stand there and look at a wall, this way she could space out and think of a plan. Her teeth were bared, her hair was a mess and covered in shrapnel, her hands were clenched in a fist so tight you couldn’t fit paper between her fingers, and her eyes were still a fiery red. Her mind wandered as she began to hiss slightly to herself.

She wasn’t just angry with her mother from her past, she wasn’t just angry with the war that had taken her Kibou… she was mad at EVERYTHING. And this time, she wasn’t going to have mercy upon the fool who approaches her.

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PostSubject: Re: Harimanne   Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:24 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Harimanne   Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:56 pm

Ty =^^=
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