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PostSubject: Amara [complete]   Amara [complete] I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 12, 2010 4:15 pm

Animal-Human Hybrid
Name: Amara
Age: 15
Amara [complete] 11hxabm

Appearance: Amara is around 5 feet and 10 inches tall (this includes her medium sized black ears atop her head) with a lanky build. She has very pale skin that almost glows in the moonlight with a clear complexion. She has long black hair that stops just above her behind and is always out of place or hanging in front of her eyes. Arama’s eyes are a crisp gold.

Amara wears a tight black tube top with short black shorts. Around her neck she wears a black choker with small purple studs on it. She wears small black fingerless gloves for she usually rips the fingers off with her sharp claws which are two inches long. On the small of her back is her long black tail. As for footwear, she prefers to go barefoot. Along her arms and back are various tattoos.

Personality: Amara was always a very playful and fun girl to get along with; her favorite things to do are play or fight, she often looks around for a good challenger. She knows what she wants, and that’s a fight. She often craves a battle without purpose, and is very competitive. If she loses the battle she won’t give up until the war has been won. She is often shunned by her gender when she acts upon very male-esc feelings and activities. Amayah has a very bad temper and often take awhile to calm down, but she still has her female side. She often is seen eating chocolate or strawberries, and be warned… do not take it from her.

Very much like her little sister Amayah, Amara only has one difference from her sibling. That difference is that she takes life more seriously now because of the war. She still has her says were she is generally happy and will play, but she lives her life tormented by memories of her loved ones; specifically Amayah. Amara frequently has dreams of the day the world died, and usually spends her days exploring or in deep thought about that day.

Background: Amara often spent her days climbing trees or hunting, most of the time she spent was playing with her twin sister. She was always polite and caring to her younger sibling and never fought with her, growing up with her was always a joy in Amara’s eyes. Even though they didn’t have the best mother, they always had each other. Amara had promised her she would always be there, and wouldn’t let her down; or so she thought.

One day Amara was running around playing in an open field not too far from the large cave-like home her mother and sister dwelled in. After several minutes of playing by herself her younger sister ran out to accompany her. Running up to her little sister she tapped her shoulder “Tag, you’re it Amayah!” she meowed as she ran away. After several minutes of running, Amara looked back to see Amayah had run off with her human friend, Kibou. Amayah was always wandering off with her; it always tended to get under her skin a little bit. After several months of this, Amara decided it was high time she made a human friend too.

Wandering off one day, Amara went into a city filled with humans. Most of them ignored her; until some girl picked her up without warning. Not knowing what to she meowed and squirmed in the girls’ arms, looking up at her she noticed that the girl had gentle and caring eyes. Deciding to trust her, Amara laid back and let the girl take her away. “My name is Bertina, and you must be lost. This is a big city…I wouldn’t want you getting hurt kitty.” She said soothingly. The thought that someone cared about her well being made Amara purr loudly, she know knew how her little sister felt.

Each and every day after Bertina met Amara; Amara would walk all the way to town where Bertina was usually sitting and bring Bertina to the open field. They would play for hours at a time and would often be seen climbing trees together. Amayah had her Kibou…it isn’t like anything would happen to part them; Amayah and Amara were inseparable at the end of the day. Just after midnight when the stars were shining, Amayah and Amara lay in the field together. “I promise no matter what happens, you will always have me; Amayah.” She said softly before falling asleep.

When she awoke in the morning Amayah had already gone off with her Kibou; but something was wrong, something was…different. Instead of walking to town, Bertina had walked to Amara, what was going on, she never comes to me first; she thought to herself.“Kitty, we are all going to die, a bomb will be dropped…and we could be hit!” she cried out. She was really upset, but…what was a bomb; they were going to…die?! Where was Amayah? She had to find Amayah. Looking at Bertina, she hoped she would follow; and ran away into the woods to find Amayah. Crying out for her little sister, it was no use…she was far off with her Kibou, at least she had Kibou…but would she remember me? All of these thoughts ran in her mind, she couldn’t bear to think of what would happen to her sister and her human. What could she do?

After many minutes of looking into nothingness, Amara turned back to Bertina and ran into her arms. Bertina hugged her tightly as both human and cat shed many tears. Then, it happened and it all went black. Waking up after many hours, Amara looked around…everything was destroyed; the sky was a gloomy dark grey and cloud-studded. Amayah…Bertina…where were they? Standing up she realized she was a lot heavier than usual…wait, heavier…huh? She also noticed she had hands, but still had her claws…and she had human legs…and her fur was gone. “What the-“ she said to herself. She could…talk!? What the hell was going on!?

After the overall shock she began to think…she was now in Bertina’s body…but still had some of her cat traits. It was…odd…but somewhat interesting. Thinking more about several hours back; her mind ran straight to her little sister. Had she died? Amara had to find out, and now. Running all over town and everywhere she could possibly think of, she couldn’t find a trace of Amayah…in fact, there was no one living to be found. Amara was now alone…she had failed her sister…she promised she would always be there, and now look what happened. Ever since that day, Amara has always blamed herself for her sister’s death and lives in a constant regret of her actions that day.

Humanic Traits: Human intelligence, Smell, Speech, Claws, Night vision, Tail, Barbed tongue, Cat eyes.

Original Humans Name: Bertina

Starter Weapon: Small dagger

Roleplay Sample:

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Amara [complete]
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