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PostSubject: Kihot Khrest   Kihot Khrest I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 16, 2010 12:22 am

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Kihot Khrest

Age: 18

Appearance: Kihot Khrest _Fang__by_Dokuro

Personality: Kihot is a motherfucker. All he wants to do is kill and devour things. It gives him the adrenaline rush that he craves. He used to be a pathetic wimp, but now he is a cold, malevolent son-of-a-bitch that lives only for himself. It's all he needs to live for. Even deep down he doesn't have a true soft or sensitive side that some people do. He's pure adrenaline junky. Constantly craving attention he didn't receive from a gang of thugs, he does still slightly crave attention, but no doesn't want anything sappy. He just wants to prove himself now. He does this by killing and eating ... everyone.

Blood Frenzy When Kihot smells blood, he loses all fragments of his personality. He becomes the perfect killing machine, completely efficient in all of his movements. Everyone around him dies in this form. It could be anywhere from the person he hated most in the world, innocent and neutral bystanders, and the person he loves the most in the world. Everyone dies when Kihot goes into his blood frenzy mode. He doesn't stop for any personal injuries, and could kill himself simply because of some blood he smelled. Note of Warning.. Don't get a nosebleed around this shark fucker.

Background: As a human and child, Kihot was Ukrainian-American, growing up in California with his Kiev-native parents. A wild child, Kihot was a 'street-rat' for the longest time, roaming the beaches with his gang of friends. They were the bad boys in their neighbourhood; Anarchists that destroyed society simply because they could. They trashed the streets at night whilst drunk, graffiti'd the schools, and stole from the local shops. They were model kids, so it seemed. Well, he was as bad as he could be at age eight. His parents were push overs, and he ran with a tough crowd. His 'gang' was actually a group of seventeen year olds that wanted to just use him as distractions, etc. That, and it was fun to screw with him.

They were always giving him initiation challenges and asking him to prove his worth to them. He drank, smoked, stole, and performed other unlawful deeds. He once stabbed a guy because he wouldn't pay him. Kihot killed seven times before his ninth birthday, just to prove himself. They ruined him. He didn't go to school - Ever, and avoided all contact with his parents after they finally agreed to take him in. He took residence in their gang house (a shack on the beach) instead of sleeping on the street. He loved them. They were his family at this point. One thing he picked up from them that wasn't a bad habit (depending) however, was Surfing.

It was on 'the' night that he was given his first Surfing lesson. He bugged them for weeks, watching them ride the waves like greek gods on flat pieces of wood and admired them so much that he nearly couldn't stand it. Finally though, they gave in and began teaching him. They took him to a 'private' beach. It was actually a shallow inlet of water that was home to many leopard sharks. They knew he was in no real danger; leopard sharks were quite timid, but they figured it would be a good joke to play on him. After hours of trying to stand on the surfboard, he finally accomplished it. He had balance! It was perfect. Turning to face the others, a large smile was held on his face....

...Which was quickly replaced with a look of fear. In the sky he saw a torrentious rain of what appeared to be hellfire -Which was actually merely bullets and missiles) heading straight towards them. Leaping into the water, his surf board was swiss cheese. Struggling underwater, the boy's hands latched onto something as he paniced. Running out of oxygen, his eyelids grew heavy. Wrapping his arms tighter around a squirming object for stability, he passed out as a green light flashed across the planet. Fusing him to a Leopard Shark, the radioactivity split down the cells of the two beings, melded them together, and reawakened them. Kihot continued to slumber under water, however. He was in a brief coma due to nearly drowning. His new shark abilities allowed for him to live, however.

He was in a coma for nearly 2 weeks. In those weeks, he was suspended in the middle of the water, floating harmlessly as the bodies of his friends and other sharks slowly decayed. No blood was left from their bodies; it had all boiled away with most of the water. What had finally awoken him was the blood of survivor. An iguana hybird was bleeding badly, and had come to the shallow pool to wash off his wound. Nearly instantly, the salty concoction reached his nostrils. Instantly he was awakened, his eyes snapping open. Flitting in sharp, rapid movements, he appeared out of nowhere to the survivor. Grabbing it's skull in his hand, he dragged him underwater and began tearing him apart.

After this, his senses had returned. He discovered what he was and was horrified by it. But then.. a surge of confidence, electric self-esteem, ran through him. He had discovered the gang was dead, and he was happy about it. No longer would they be able to push him around. He needed no one now. He was a lone shark, and he was ready to rock it. Leaving California, he began wandering. He ate what(who) he wanted, and didn't look back once. Occasionally, his feeding frenzy would kick in and he would slaughter all those around him, but that didn't matter. He wasn't close to anyone in particular. He just wanted to fight and kill things now. It was fun, the power he held over them in the last few minutes of their life. It gave him an almost sexual thrill.

It was for this reason that his home became The German Sea. Only the strongest, most badass motherfuckers lived in that water. And now he was one of them.

Animalistic Traits: Shark Skin, Shark Jaw, Shark fins protruding from limbs, Shark tail extending from spine/hips, Gills (amphibious), Impervity to underwater temperatures, Able to smell 1 drop of blood in 1 kilometer squared of water, A protective third eyelid, Shark Strength, Shark Endurance, Extendable Jaw, Underwater speed, Blood Frenzy.

Original Animal: Leopard Shark

Starter weapon: None; He's a shark fuck yeah

Roleplay Sample: It seems all people from Jersey do is hump and punch each other.
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PostSubject: Re: Kihot Khrest   Kihot Khrest I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 16, 2010 12:24 am

Best roleplay sample yet. XD
Approved. ~




~"I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?" -L~
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