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PostSubject: Urufu Tatsumaki   Urufu Tatsumaki I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 10, 2010 4:08 am

Human-Animal Hybrid

Name: Urufu Tatsumaki

Age: 16

Appearance: Urufu Tatsumaki Fac3090d
Urufu stands at about 5'6 (that's including the large brown wolf ears on top of his head) with a very average build. He has a flat stomach, though no too defined muscles which leads up to his chest, which has a little bit of brown hair starting to grow. He has white skin which is just beginning to tan, and a very clear complexion. No acne or scars to see. He has shaggy, short brown hair which has been dyed blue permanently from the radiation in certain streaks from the top down to his forehead. His eyes glow a fierce gold.

Urufu's clothing is very simple. A grey gi with black tabi boots and white sleeve-gloves. On the right side of his gi, his sleeve has been ripped off and a brown one has replaced it. The fingers for his gloves are silver. His tabi boots are black and o up to his shins. the ends are capped in steel with thre spikes protruding from the top. A brown belt wraps around his waist, holding the gi top in place while a grey sash holds his pants. A bushy wolf tail protrudes from the back of his pants, extending over two feet.

Personality: "You can't own land. You can't own houses. You can only own yourself, and even that is a rental." That is Urufu's motto on life. You can't own anything. After the destruction of the world, his thoughts on this erupted to over 100 times how they were. People who thought they owned something and wanted more of it destroyed it all so none could have it. He thought this was despicable.

Urufu wasn't the best at making friends as a human. He spent most of his time at the zoo, with a brown wolf he affectionately called Toboe (Pronounced Toh-boh-way) that had been there since birth. He hated that fact. Why was he kept in activity? He wasn't THEIR wolf. The wolf was his friend, his companion.

After the war and fusion with Toboe, Urufu found it easier to make "friends." Well, actually, it was instinct now. Urufu needed to make a pack. After his first few friends, Urufu learned that the bonds he made with others could potentially last forever. Now Urufu is obsessed with forming a pack. Probably Toboe's influence.

If Urufu had a pack, he would never betray it. He would never sacrifice their safety and happiness for his own. Urufu would own the role as Alpha, especially with his new confidence thanks to his inner wolf. His pack means everything to him, and he will fight with his all in order to protect them. His life means nothing.

In battle, Urufu is fast. In battle, Urufu has only one battle tactic - Annihilation. Urufu wants nothing more then total destruction in regards to his opponent. He wants every cell in their body ripped away cleanly and destroyed. Quickly, too. He doesn't want a long fight, because that could get boring. The more action in less time = more fun. Besides, everything is more fun when everyone is all out right away. Forcing his opponent into full power instantly by going into full power himself, Urufu wastes no fucking time.

This also gives the bonus advantage of his opponents not being able to analyze his powers and whatnot very quickly. Urufu is very intelligent, especially in a battle situation. He knows that overwhelming his opponents and using his surroundings to his advantage is a very strong strategy. If you can't handle the speed he uses in his tactics, you're out of your fucking league, son.

Inside of himself, Urufu has a white hot rage he gained from being a lonely person. This rage symbolizes itself in the brutal way he occasionally leads his team or himself, especially when he orders and runs combat/assassination missions, which his team will accel in.

Urufu is obsessed. He wants one thing and one thing only in his life, and that is a family. Driven by an insatiable need that stems from his time even as a human, Urufu cannot tame it. Urufu's hunger for a family is so complete that he will kill those not in his family or whom reject his offer, simply to eliminate the competition for said family. Very sarcastic and quick-thinking, it doesn't take Urufu long to spew a rapid come-back or insult when he needs to, easily quipping at anything.

Background: Urufu was a lonely kid. He had trouble making friends, and he just didn't know why. He just gave off the vibe that made other kids hate him. It was fine though, Urufu didn't really care. The others just pissed him off anyway. They made him stronger through the loneliness. It still fed his anger, however. When he was 6, he had been at the zoo, mindlessly enjoying Toboe's company, when the panic started. Everyone began screaming about a Nuclear Missile. Urufu was a smart kid. He knew what that was. He knew he was going to die. Suddenly impulsive, he decided to jump into the cage and hold Toboe for their last moments on earth.

Climbing the fence, the other wolves ignored him. They were used to his presence. After all, he had been there the last four years constantly. Calling for Toboe, the wolf trotted over to him and Urufu held him close. Closing his eyes, a single tear was shed from both beings, and then they exploded. The missile hit a few hundred miles away, but the radiation had them both square. As their molecules tore apart, they bonded together with the radioactivity, giving them a new form. This new being was more confident then Urufu, stronger then Urufu, Stronger then Urufu, but still Urufu.

Urufu had to do something that tore him apart on the inside. He had to watch his family die. He watched everyone he knew die. There were some deaths that he regretted seeing, but not many. He didn't care for people anyway. Perhaps this was a good thing. It gave the world a clean slate, even though it was destroyed. Continuing on with his existence, he worked with his new diet and consumed much more meat then normal.

Throughout the years, Urufu grew even lonelier. He no longer had anyone's voice to even listen to. All he heard these days was his own breathing. He needed a pack. It was a desperate call that haunted his very being, breathing down his spine. Must have come from Toboe's DNA. Traveling the barren wastelands in search of friends, Urufu still found none. He didn't know what to do. Being alone for 10 years could easily drive anyone insane. Especially a pack animal like Urufu.

Around the fifth year, Urufu stumbled upon a female bunny-hybrid named Kiki. Kiki and he had quickly fallen in love, both of them just trying to survive. After many fights and battles, Kiki and he grew inseperable. The two did everything together, but of course, that wouldn't last long. Nothing in Urufu's life lasted long. He had been seperated from his old pack (consisting of Kiki, Doku, Josef, and himself) after a violent storm, and was forced to wander on his own.

Finding his way across the destroyed areas of North America, Urufu eventualy found his way back home to Canada. Traveling to the zoo where he and Toboe first met, the instinct inside of him made his tail wag. He had gotten used to the wolf parts of him throughout the years, and nothing bothered him anymore. Even killing no longer left an impact on his lonely soul. Oh, how he needed some friends... Setting up a camp in that zoo, he knew that this time, he would make a pack. Hopefully he could reunite with his old one. He missed Kiki everyday.

Animalistic Traits:
Fangs, Wolf ears, Wolf tail, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Hearing, Smell, and Sight, Claws, Golden eyes.

Original Animal: Brown and Gray Timber Wolf

Starter weapon:
Small Dagger

Roleplay Sample:A foolish Shinigami had requested a battle with Urufu Tatsumaki, as he tried to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.A spar you say? He asked grinning. Sounds good. Bringing his claws to his lips, he was pleased to note that some of the blood from the hollow didn't wash away in the ocean. Several moments ago, Urufu had stolen the Shinigami's kill, and slayed a Flying Hollow with quite a bit power. Licking it off, he swallowed it. His purple eyes flashed black for a second, before he yawned. This may hurt.. He whispered to himself, as gigantic wings sprung from his back, ripping the skin and his cloak. Blood dripped from his back slightly, but he was fine. Wiping away one tear threatening to fall from the corner of his eyes, he grinned. Launching himself into the air, he flapped his enormous bat-like wings, and held aloft in the salty ocean. Looking down on the shinigami, he began to charge a cero from his hand..

The Shinigami had thrown up some sand in the first little bit in hopes to blind him. It worked.. slightly. As the sand blinded him, he smirked. He was the wolf of retribution, for The goddess' sakes. Urufu didn't need to see to defend. I can still hear the whistle of the wind as your blade approaches. He said, as he twirled with his left wing extended, smacking Rokiro (The Shini) and knocking his blade away from his wind. And I can still hear your blood pumping through your veins. He said, as he began to slash and hack at the boy with his claws, both from his hands and shoe-less feet.

He wore no shoes, and never trimmed his nails, until they became a hassle. They were sharp as daggers, and incredibly sharp and thick. See, Urufu needed blood to survive. Until he got it, he had barely any abilities. He needed a way to penetrate some skin and get to the delicious red nectar inside of someone. If he ate regular human food, he would throw it up. And that wasn't pretty.

As the sun shone down on the two, Urufu finally cleared out his eyes. Still slashing towards Rokiro, his vision was fuzzy, but soon cleared. The ocean was like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket. It sparkled and shone with an intense blue that made Urufu smile, and nearly forget he was fighting. Nearly.

The sand was white hot and glowing, shining off of everybody's near-naked body as they shone with sweat and ocean spray, many of them soaked. Some people were working their tans, and many had children that were making sand castles and the such. Focusing back to the task at hand, Urufu increased the reiatsu in his arms. This helped force oxygen into his muscles, and made him go faster.

Pushing, he practically forced the wind to separate away from him to increase his speed. He didn't technically do that, but it seemed like it as sweat poured from his body in his attempt to harm his sparring partner. Sharpening his claws with reiatsu even still, he continued his barrage of nail, adding tooth occasionally, snapping at Rokiro's form to get some blood. He was moving so fast, he wasn't sure if he even hit the boy once.

Eat him.. eat him.. That voice was still in his head. Veroer's voice. Sometimes he could ignore it.. but usually he couldn't. And he usually listened. As the Shinigami was torn to pieces by his deadly claws, He listened...
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