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PostSubject: A New Beginning~   A New Beginning~ I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 05, 2010 6:43 pm

Wondering what she could do, Amayah walked around her kool-aid impatiently. She was waiting for something to happen, something to just appear and amuse her. Like that would happen, she thought miserably. Looking around at the rather empty town, she sighed. What to do, what to do; she thought as her entire life seemed to be cursed with a never ending boredom.

Running at full speed, Amara threw herself forward onto a rat hybrid. Ripping it apart with her teeth she clawed at the flesh as she gnawed on the neck of the rat. It was so delicious, once she had eaten the rest of the meat; she threw the bones into a pile onto the ground. Laughing at the beings misfortune, she kicked the pile of bones and grinned as the scattered like leaves. Her life seemed to be filled with excitement, but during all of her fun… she always longed for something more; she thought of her dear sister as she gazed up at the sky… she wondered if she were still alive, and if she would even remember her.

Amayah decided to not wallow in her own self pity as she began walking toward an open field. Sniffing the air, she realized that something didn’t smell right… was there someone near?

Snapping out of her sudden daze, Amara climbed a nearby dead kool-aid to get a better look at her surroundings. Looking down among the rubble, she noticed someone walking, another hybrid? She had already had a snack, but hell… she never knew when she could get a chance to eat again, why not kill another? Grinning widely, her fangs showed as her eyes widened; revealing the crisp gold glare.

Jumping down from her kool-aid, Amara ran forward like a cheetah locked on a target. Getting closer and closer, zeroing in on her delectable prey. As she got closer, however… Amara noticed something unusual about the scent; it wasn’t a common scent she picked up on. It was feline, it was female… and it was very similar to her own. She couldn’t smell herself, because it was pretty far away… could it be?

As the scent got stronger she realized the thing was coming for her, did it want to kill her or befriend her. Not sure what to do, Amayah whipped out her knife from her shirt and got into her defensive position. Sniffing the air once more, she recognized the scent to be feline. Another cat… was it Chikiba? No, it couldn’t be… it smelled nothing like her; it smelled more like Amayah herself, but how was that possible?

Stopping suddenly, Amara hid behind a nearby kool-aid as she peered around the trunk; she noticed the girl standing with a fierce look on her face, ready to fight. She had black hair and ears with a black tail…Amayah! It had to have been, but Amara could have sworn she died, had she fused with Kibou? Was this real?

Turning her head in the direction the scent was coming, she grinned menacingly as she noted the feline had made a fatal mistake. She had been hiding behind a kool-aid while the wind was blowing ever so slightly in Amayah’s direction. Which would mean Amayah got the scent slapped into her face, locating her exact direction with her sense of smell; she looked at the kool-aid. “Come out or I will find you” she growled at the girl. She still could not get over how familiar her scent was… who was this girl?

The girl had used a threat, so feisty… Amara was reminded of herself. She was almost one hundred percent certain now, this was her sister… her very own sister; Amayah. She couldn’t believe that she lived through that and that she was perfectly fine. Knowing that a fight could be never ending with their twin personalities; she walked around the kool-aid… staring right at Amayah.

As the girl walked forward she was shocked to see an almost mirror image of herself. Blinking slightly, she wondered if this was a mirage. It was clearly not one. The only difference between this girl and herself was her right arm covered with odd looking tattoos, and a head of long hair that hung down to her elbows. This girl seemed so familiar… wracking her brains, she tried to remember who she was. Was this some sort of crazy dream?

Looking deep into the eyes of Amayah, she wondered if Amayah knew who she was. She couldn’t have, otherwise she would have said something; Amara thought rather irritably. Wondering what to do she walked a little closer to the girl, hoping she would remember. Just in case, however, Amara spoke in a calm voice; “Do you remember me?” she said gently. Please Amayah… please remember.

“Who are you and why do you look so much like me?” she spat the words in her face. This was far beyond strange… something had to be going down.

A little hurt from the response of her own twin sister, she looked more sympathetic. She must have forgotten with all the years of growing up on her own she thought sadly. “I am Amara” she started off slowly. She desperately wanted to say she was her sister and to just hug her… but words failed her and she couldn’t bring herself to it at this moment. Amara just wanted to live in the moment… and remember it always.

“Amara… prepare to meet death” she cackled as she bared her fangs and retracted her claws. Her eyes burned a fiery red as she prepared herself for battle… this had to be a dream; or some sort of strange attack, and Amayah wasn’t about tot go down that easily.

“See now that would be a bad choice fighting me” she said with a serious face. Amara knew damn well if they fought it would never end… she knew their battle techniques would be the same… this could end horribly for them both.

“Why? You think you are so good?” she growled at the girl who was clearly just showing off.

“No, I mean, we are the same beings inside… what you think, I think, there isn’t too much difference between us now. I would suggest not fighting me, but if you really want to… have it your way.” As she finished explaining to the best of her ability, she looked into her sister’s eyes and hoped she chose not to fight.

How was that possible to be the same inside, she was clearly stalling now. “Oh come on, do you really expect me to believe that bullshit story? We can’t be the same; the only way that would work is if we were twins. I don’t even have a sister… don’t go there” she spat at the girls feet. Her eyes turned a slightly deeper red as the fire of the fight burned deep into her.

She sighed as she knew the moment of truth had arrived. “We are sisters, Amayah. I grew up with you when you went off with Kibou the day the bomb was dropped, I was with my own human too… and we fused together just as you and Kibou did.” She closed her eyes, just waiting for Amayah’s response.

Standing there in disbelief she looked at Amara’s face the whole time. The story must have been true, because the girl knew her name; she knew Kibou. Amayah refused to believe her, there was no way. Why hadn’t she been there all this time if she was really her sister, she would have been there. “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!” she shouted at the girl. Amayah was now enraged as her hands began to glow red. Fire shot out of her hands and onto Amara as her eyes now shone a fiery red. “If you were my sister you would have been there for me!” she hissed loudly.

Acting quickly, Amara flailed her arms around, putting out the fire from her shirt and bits of her hair. Once the fire was out, she turned to face her sister again. “Amayah, I told you… I don’t want to fight you, but if you want to play that way…” she started off slowly. “So be it.” As her eyes fixated on the hands of her sister, she wondered how she had produced fire… this slightly frightened Amara that she had appeared to gather many powerful battle skills. Not wanting to die; she said slowly. “Look, I know I wasn’t there, but I wanted to be. I have spent years looking for you… and now that I found you I would rather not either kill you or you kill me.” She exhaled deeply as she rubbed her scalp were the fire had burnt her.

Her hands went back to her snow white glow as she looked into the eyes of the girl. “You were looking for me?” she asked in a small voice.

“Yes I was, and it wasn’t easy… you are quite the elusive character; like your big sister.” She smiled slightly as she said so.

Plopping down on the ground she put her face into her cupped hands. How could she attack her own sister like that and not believe her? For the first time in years she had felt a deep sympathy toward someone like never before. “I am sorry, Amara” she said quietly. Tears built up in her eyes as she pressed her hands harder against her face.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. To be perfectly honest… I was about to kill you too until I got closer and noticed who it was.” Realizing how un-helpful that was, she slapped hand against her forehead. “I mean, I know how you feel, Amayah." She said rather lamely.

Smirking slightly she put her hands down and looked up at Amara. “You are just as terrible at comforting others as I am” she laughed rather loudly. Standing up, she was glad she had someone to talk to that understood everything. This is what she was waiting for.

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A New Beginning~
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