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PostSubject: Übel Schlange   Übel Schlange I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 01, 2011 11:58 pm

Human-Animal Hybrid

"Somewhere, far down, there was an itch in his heart, but he made it a point not to scratch it. He was afraid of what might come leaking out."
— Markus Zusak (The Book Thief)

Name: Übel Schlange

Age: 31, although because of the reptilian skin shedding quality he has, he constantly looks to be around in his teens.

Species N/A


Übel Schlange Anime_guy_2

Übel stands tall at 6'5". He has long, pale white hair that reaches down to his shoulders, and his bangs reach down to his neck. He wears glasses, which he can be constantly seen pushing up with his middle finger, as if he was flipping you off. Übel has pale skin and a sadistic grin that can always be seen plastered across his face. His eyes are a deep purple, and his attire consists of whatever he can find off of the corpses on his journey. He speaks with a german accent, and constantly slips into speaking the language of his homeland.


At a first glance, Übel appears to be your usual intellectual type. This, however, would be a poor assumption of his personality. Despite his seemingly average frame, Übel is very strong, although he does not openly show this. However, as he is a scientist, he is very intellectual, able to match wits with even the greatest minds. Behind his usual grin lies a cruel, cunning, and wicked person. One of his few redeeming traits is that he will not try to steal someone elses ideas or claim them as his own. He states that "It is just the sign of an inferior mind."

When it comes to fighting, Übel prefers to let others do his "dirty work". When he does get in and fight, however, Übel is very calm and calculated, able to easily deduce an opponent's fighting style, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. When starting a fight, he will usually refrain from using too much strength, so as to give his opponent misconceptions about his true strength and to learn their fighting style first. He will also openly make comments about his opponents fighting style, showing a bit of arrogance.

When it comes to others, Übel shows little regard for them. He will often manipulate others to serve his own purposes, and can be very cunning. There is pretty much no reason to trust Übel, but you may want to work with him, as if your goals are close to his, then they will no doubt be accomplished. Although it is not an ability of his, Übel has an uncanny way of making anyone around him feel a sort of fear. Übel also seems to be able to survive even when his comrades fall, and as such, does not place that much value on the lives of others. Because of these reasons, most people, even those who work with Übel, prefer to stay away from him.

Despite all this, Übel still feels lonely in this empty world, and constantly searches for a partner or companion at some sort. Someone to match wits with, and someone to care for.

When it comes to his own inventions or theories, Übel is very arrogant, and sees them as "perfect", thus showing his arrogance once again. Although not many of his inventions are actually known, it is easy enough to tell that none of them would be legal. In the end, Übel pretty much is your typical mad scientist and evil bastard.


In the year 1990, there was a marriage.

The marriage, which was between two german researchers in the city of Berlin, ended with the child. The child, Vladamir Saratov, wasn't planned or wanted by the father. He saw kids as an impairment, a disease, an infestation. This outraged the mother, and in a flurry of curses and insults, she left.

The child, Vladamir, was instantly recognized as a child prodigy of sorts. From birth he was identified as being highly analytical, extremely intelligent, and overall, a possible genius. At age four, his mother enrolled him in a private school for gifted youth. Here his talents were nurtured, his skills grew, and his intelligence flourished. Vladamir was quick to accomplish, and even master, any task set before him. By age ten he was considered one of the greatest minds in Germany. Algebra? No problem. Physics? Piece of cake. Complex theories and evolutionary conspiracies? Proven. He was a true child genius.

He was also highly dangerous.

He was a destructive child. If he was not encouraged to put his talents to good uses, they went to bad ones. Pranks, Thefts, and even Murders were committed by this seemingly innocent prodigy. It only took a year for them to call the local authorities, who were also swiftly killed by the boy. The country was baffled, and eventually they called the military. The firepower was too much for Übel, he couldn't kill them all. Soldiers surrounded the school, the special units invaded the building, and Übel was extracted, kicking and screaming, from the building. They threw him into the back of an armored car, and took him to a small prison complex outside of Munich... or at least they tried. It took them eight tries to actually get him to the complex. Each try failed in a different way as the kid outmaneuvered guards, de-constructed doors, and fit through openings no one would have thought possible. By the time they got him there, they were fed up. The prison complex decided not to take such a dangerous individual in, and sent him to a special imprisonment compound, invisible to the public and more closely guarded than the Pentagon, outside of Dresden. He was promptly outfitted with a straitjacket, locked in a solitary cell (which was inside another cell, inside ANOTHER cell. Each reinforced with 6 inch thick, bullet proof, highly reinforced, steel alloy.. Not to mention the three different methods necessary to enter each door.) Only ten, and locked in maximum security... According to the government, he would be in there for life.

In that cell, he had only himself to talk to. Well, himself and the slot in the wall that somehow magically supplied food to him (which tasted like shit, but hey, food is food). He spent the years talking.. to the walls, to the ceiling, to his bed, and to himself. He managed to convince himself that he was the only one who was right in this world. He was the solitary voice of reason amongst all this chaos. He convinced himself that he would get out.. and when he did.. he would change the world. For eleven years this delusion continued to form itself in his mind.. until his chance arose.

At age twenty one, he was approached in his cell by a group of researchers.. working for a company they refused to tell him the name of. They told him that they would pay the prison owners more than enough to get Vladamir released, as anything can be bought. But only in exchange for help with a little.. project of theirs. In no state or position to argue, and seeing his chance, Vladamir accepted.

They got him released, as promised, and took him to an unnamed research facility in Hofheim. There, he worked on the formulas they told him to at the times they told him to. He was told to move equations and apply them to other equations. Along with this, he was told to assemble and examine. Parts were shipped, along with samples for microscopic observation. In exchange? He got pretty much anything he wanted. A pet snake (king cobra), a fuckton of food, clothes, gadget, etc. He was kept completely in the dark until near the end of the year, when the purpose of his constant labor was revealed.

The same group that had saved him came into his lab on July 1st, bringing up a website and a program on the lab's computer and complimenting all the work Vladamir had done. In exchange, they told him, he would get to witness it. They had brought in a small TV that was broadcasting satellite footage from over the earth. The satellite was aimed at germany. They handed him the keyboard and showed him the computer screen. There was a simple command on it.

"Execute? Y/N"

Vladamir pressed the "Y" key... and instantly started laughing at the site on the TV. He could see the nuclear missile fly into the atmosphere and make its way towards North America. This was... fantastic! He was CHANGING THE WORLD! He had an IMPACT!

..but the rest of the world didn't see it as such. The next day, he and the other researchers watched in horror as both America and Japan launched nuclear explosives directly at Europe. There was a countdown timer.. five minutes to impact. Vladamir grabbed his snake by the throat and ran out the door, looking into the sky as the nuke descended. Four minutes. Vladamir ran back inside, telling the researchers to bar the door. Three minutes. They set up a barrier, stacking cabinets and tables in front of the door, as if that'd help. Two minutes. One Minute. They hid under the table. Impact.

The blast was deafening. Vladamir could only watch as his comrades were viciously torn apart, instantly incinerated by the blast. He himself felt only unimaginable pain.. blinding.. torturous..

He was sure he had died. Everything was white.. So why could he still feel pain? He opened his eyes, staring into the fog of radiation that enshrouded the sky, and slowly stood up. Where had his snake gone? Surely it couldn't have gone far... His clothes were gone.. the lab.. all his materials.. so why was he still alive? How had he survived those impossible odds? He took a step forward and heard a horrible ripping noise. Looking down, he noted that the skin on his foot was.. peeling off? How? He examined his foot, seeing the skin slowly coming off, to reveal a pristine new layer below it. Curious, he began ripping the entire outer layer of his skin off, starting at his foot, up his body, over his face, and down to his other foot. The process, all in all, took three days. At this time, he noted weird clouds appearing above the country, and decided to take his leave. He was close enough to the border anyway.

The company's private jet was flipped upside-down in a ditch, but not destroyed. The blast had hit the airfield holding it, and flipped several planes in the way of the jet, guarding it from the force of the explosion in an amazing twist of fate. Vladamir managed his way on board, making sure the plane still had fuel before driving it out from under the rubble and out into the air. His destination? Australia. When he arrived, the first thing he did was kill the entirety of airport security and steal clothing from a hapless tourist. Finding a mirror, he realized instantly what had happened after looking at himself. Slit-like eyes.. thin forked tongue.. he had somehow merged with the snake. The sadistic smirk that applied itself to his face at that moment would be a trademark of his from that point on. He saw how young he looked, and cheered silently. This would be his victory, using his new form, he WOULD change the world. He took on the name Übel Schlange (German for Evil Snake) and syphoned fuel out of a few australian planes before flying to America, making one stop to refuel in italy. From here, he knew, he could change everything.

Animalistic Traits:

Übel's tongue is forked at the end, and slim/rectangular like a snake's. He has a habit of sticking it out between his lips and quickly retracting it while thinking. Once every two months, his skin sheds over the course of three days, incapacitating him. This removes any scars on his body and keeps him looking young. On command, he can trigger his canine teeth to extend like fangs, poison running through them from two poison sacs that rest above the roof of his mouth. The poison is a paralyzer, but it isn't fatal under any circumstances. It's like a tranq of sorts. His eyes are vertical slits, and he has two sight options. Normal, or Thermal. The ability to detect body heat being inherent in a snake.

A weird and sick quality about him is that he can, in fact, manipulate his body to slide silently along the ground and rear up on his knees like a snake. It would appear as if he had no bones at all while doing this, with the fluidity of his movements. He also has an innate habit of hissing when mad. He has an enhanced sense of smell, and the fluidity of his body allows him to easily dodge in a hand-to-hand fight, or long-range projectiles. His strength and speed are also enhanced, allowing for harder and faster attacks, easier movement, and heavier lifting.

Additional/Helpful Information: Is known to attack without provocation.

Original Animal: Snake, King Cobra to be precise.

Starter weapon: None.

Roleplay Sample: {From a bleach RP site I frequent, my character Chisei}

Chisei looked at the both of them, his usual and silly grin plastered on his face, hiding a sinister mind underneath. He had come for Ravana, yes, but it looks as if he found someone who seemed to lack respect, or a brain, either one. Why did he get the feeling that if he voiced that thought, he would get torn apart despite his strength? Weird..

"Hello there, Koukateki, I apologize for not informing you first, but I decided to take over the daily patrol for today" Chisei nodded to his co-head, his voice that was at once airy and commanding ringing out as he spoke, "That's fine, Ravana, I simply needed to tell you that we may have found a location for the base, I will need to discuss this with you later."
A torrent of speech came from both sides, Ravana and the mysterious woman who appeared to be a bit of an ice-case.

"Come now Koukateki, no need to give this young lady a hard time, it's understandable that she might not be in the best of moods given the current situation of the world", "Why should I care for your name?", "It's highly unlikely we'll meet again anyway. I'm not self-destructive enough to face two Shinigami without reason, no matter how high and mighty they are.", "Two silver-heads, eh? Then I guess the longer the hair, the higher the rank? Whoever you are, long-mane, your lapdog spouts quite a bit of nonsense. Why do Shinigami always show up in packs? Such a bother. Who'd want to work together with others in the first place? Protecting Karakura... this place should rot, or even better... freeze forever."

Chisei almost acknowledged Ravana's comment before the woman started speaking. Chisei raised his hand, sliding it along the brim of his top hat. "Shinigami? Is that what you believe us to be? My dear, naive girl. You must live under a rock. That, or you're just ignorant. Stupid, possibly. I haven't decided yet." The next comment that the woman made had an effect that's significance would be lost on the girl, as she had not known him long.

The calm grin slipped off of Chisei's face. The grin that had been there since the arrancar war in which Chisei attained bankai, the one that had never faltered since. Chisei looked at the ground, his eye twitching under his hair and glasses for a mere moment before he looked back up, "I, young one, am Chisei Koukateki, the significance of that name in this day and age would be lost to you, even if I cared to explain it." The grin reapplied itself, it appeared as if Chisei had regained control, but anyone who knew him knew differently. "I only showed up to tell Ravana something, why you're here is of no concern to me whatsoever, I wouldn't even be bothering with you if you hadn't just insulted my race, my pride, and my city." He tilted his head, staring blankly at the woman, although no one would be able to tell, with the creepily sadistic grin still sitting there on his mouth, "Karakura Town will never rot, never freeze, never be lost. As long as I'm here, this city will remain safe. Period." He nodded. "As for you," He raised his index and middle fingers, pointing them at the woman, "Why do you hate the city?" Without another word at the woman, to try and ensure he got an answer, he spoke under his breath, "Bakudo Number Sixty-One, Rikujōkōrō." The six beams of light materializing out of nowhere and aiming to restrain the woman by locking into her midsection and holding her in place. Whether the restraining spell connected or not, he spoke once more, "This, woman, is a city that will never die under my watch. You hate it, so I'm going to assume you're an enemy until proven otherwise." He lowered his head, raising a hand to the top hat and tipping it down, shadowing his face.

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.
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PostSubject: Re: Übel Schlange   Übel Schlange I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 10:53 am

Wow! What an amazing app! Very well done, also... I adore your top quote. Approved, this person could prove to be quite helpful in our upcomming event. Congrats.




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