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PostSubject: Thunderbeetle   Thunderbeetle I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 31, 2011 9:37 pm

As you may noticed, I changed some prices a tad, nothing too drastic but nonetheless, the rules are still the same as always. Merely post below about which technique you want to buy. After that, post the name and description in your inventory. Remember, this shop is constantly being updated, so check back often!

Name: Shock Shield
Element: Thunder
Range: Self
Effect: The user lets electricity float through all of their cells, making it dangerous to hit with regular contact or metal in case of electrical discharge.
Post Charge: None
Post Duration: 5 posts
Post Cooldown: 3 posts
Bad After Effects: If the user hits water or metal and makes a full current, they could electrocute themself.

Price: 300 Points

Name: Traquilizer Punch
Element: Thunder
Range: Strike
Effect: The user loads the right or left hand with high static energy and attempts to strike the enemy with the palm at a high speed. Should this hit, the enemy will either be paralized or have some serious muscle aches and trouble moving for some time, usually about 2-4 posts depending on where the attack hit. Most effect is reached on the heart, and the weakest on hands and feet.
Post Charge: 1 post
Post Duration: Three Posts
Post Cooldown: Five posts
Bad After Effects: None; Reversals

Price: 500 Points

Name: Recharge
Element: Thunder
Range: Self
Effect: Electricity courses through the users body, giving them an increase in speed and strength, as well as reenergizes them and allows for their adrenaline to flow highly, allowing them to ignore pain.
Post Charge: None
Post Duration: Four Posts
Post Cooldown: Two posts
Bad After Effects: If used too long or too many times in succession, it will leave the users muscles incredibly tense forever and may even paralyze them.

Price: 300 Points

Want a technique that isn't listed above? Post it below in the following template, and I'll see what I can do!

Name: What is the technique called?
Element: Fire, Ice or Electricity?
Range: What is the range of the technique?
Effect: What does the technique do?
Post Charge: -optional- Does this technique require a charge up?
Post Duration: How long does it last? -if one post, just put instant-
Post Cooldown: How long until you can use the technique again?
Bad After Effects: Does it have any effects on the user?


[b]Post Charge:[/b]
[b]Post Duration:[/b]
[b]Post Cooldown:[/b]
[b]Bad After Effects:[/b]

*NOTE: Anyone who applied for these powers before still has them. If you would like more, please post below and make sure you have had either a training thread or that you have applied for a fire power at least once.*




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