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 Dreams and Disaster

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PostSubject: Dreams and Disaster   Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:57 pm

Taking a walk around the city, Amayah looked around for something to do. Being unsuccessful at finding anything to do, she took off at a slow jog to have find Urufu Tatsumaki; he would surely have something in store for her. Sniffing the air as she ran, she picked up Urufu’s faint; but clear scent. Following the direction it was coming from, Amayah broke off into a full speed run as she smiled widely.

After several seconds, Amayah turned a corner to find the very thing she was looking for; Urufu. Walking up to him, his back was facing her; wondering if she should let him know of her presence, she reached out to touch him. Just before she did so, however, he turned to face her and growled angrily. Suddenly realizing who was standing before him, he stopped and perked his ears as he half smiled to Amayah.

“Amayah, what are you doing here?” he asked curiously. “Well I came here to ask if you had any plans for today,” she said with a smile; “Did you want to do something with me today?” she asked eagerly. He contemplated for a moment before looking at her again, “Well, I am not too sure what kind of things you like to do…” he started off slowly, “but I was about to go get some food, if you would like to join me you can.” “Really?”she said excitedly, “I would love to.” Laughing slightly, Amayah gave Urufu one of her best smiles as she began to purr softly.

“Alright, let’s go before someone tries to follow us…I would rather not be ambushed again” he replied with a snide grin. Turning his back to her once more he began to walk at a somewhat fast pace.

Smiling widely she got down on all fours and walked behind him. Looking around she noticed quite a few dead trees around the area. Focusing her attention back on Urufu, she realized she was falling behind slightly. Picking up her pace a little more, she caught up to him again and remained walking at her normal pace.

After a few minutes of walking, Urufu stopped as he smelled something strange; something or someone had been following him and Amayah. Looking around he noticed no one in sight, they were close… but hiding well. Growling under his breath he grabbed hold of his dagger and opened all of his senses for anything that may try and attack. Amayah looked at him and she too realized something was near, she sniffed the air carefully…a…feline? She looked over at Urufu and wondered if he noticed that it was a feline.

Running over to a nearby tree; she felt there was something important behind climbing it… was it just a feeling or was the feline there? “Amayah…” Urufu called to her rather sternly, “Don’t go over there” he warned her. Did he know something she did not? Her impulse screamed for her to ignore him and just keep going; doing so she climbed the tree with caution. Looking between dead branches she could clearly see no sign of anyone in the tree… what had Urufu got so worked up over? Reaching the top of the tree, Amayah gazed at her surroundings and sniffed the air; the feline’s scent was even closer now…what in the hell was going on? She couldn’t see or hear anyone, she must be good at hiding; she thought to herself.

Suddenly she heard a movement; rapidly turning her head towards the sound she was relieved to see that it was only Urufu moving closer to the tree she was in. Still worried about the scent of the feline she made her way to descend the tree. “Someone followed us and they are angry.” Urufu said in a monotone. Did he know who this person was, how could he tell if they were angry? She wasn’t sure if that was his senses telling him… or if he could actually see the being who was apparently pissed off. Looking around in a slight panic she wondered how he was getting all of this information from.

Beginning to climb down the tree, she heard another noise. Before she could even turn her head to see what it was; she suffered from a sudden blow to the head. Stunning her severely, she was thrown off balance and fell out of the tree. Awaiting a very painful collision with the ground; nothing occurred. “What the-“she cut off as she looked up to see none other than Urufu looking down at her. In the mere seconds it took her to fall he reacted rapidly to catch her in his arms. He held her tightly for a moment before setting her down carefully, but quickly as he ran toward what looked like a black blob.

Her eyes took a second or two to focus as the scent of the feline was so strong she could have sworn it was right in front of her. Looking directly at Urufu he noticed he was attempting to ward off a very large, black female feline. Was that…Chikiba? Standing on her hind feet she looked more carefully at the feline. It was Chikiba, the vicious and strange girl Amayah had met a few times before… what was her deal with Amayah; she was always seemingly attacking her. This time; it ends here. Getting on all fours she lunged at Chikiba with her teeth and claws barred.

To Be Continued.....

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Dreams and Disaster
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